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Recent content by moonfire

  1. moonfire

    Grow your own veg?

    My piggie has been enjoying lettuce, green beans (these grow like crazy!), parsley, and zucchini from our family garden. I'm even thinking of planting some kind of mini-garden for the winter (if that would work) so she could get some fresh food, even in January!
  2. moonfire

    April is having surgery today

    Aww, I wish both of you the best of luck - I can't imagine how hard that must be to go through. Here's another thread where a piggie mom went through the same thing (well, minus the complications) perhaps it'll help you, too.
  3. moonfire

    Hello, fellow piggie-lovers!

    I just joined this site a couple of days ago after seeing the friendly (and piggie-crazy) bunch of people who post here. It's inspired me to take new interest in my fuzzy little girl. I personally have only one guinea pig, Kiara, who is about 14 months old (I got her at Petco - bad, I know...
  4. moonfire

    Fleece The Fleece Project: The Study

    After reading this article, I think I'm ready to join the fleece-using community! However, I'm concerned about my piggie chewing/eating the edges (especially if I sew all of the layers together). Do other people have this problem with fleece, or is most of the 'chewing impulse' taken away with...
  5. moonfire

    Could this pig be pregnant?

    Well, I've never had a 'big-boned' piggie to compare it to, but based on the pictures you've posted at what my two pregnant piggies looked like, I would say she is pregnant. You could try putting her on your lap and seeing if you can feel them moving around inside - that's how I was sure my...
  6. moonfire

    Is their cage in your bedroom?

    I've had my piggy in my room since I've gotten my own room (which, coincidentally, used to be the play room that housed both piggies in our family) about 6 years ago. I like it a lot better because, as it's been said before, you're more likely to pay attention to them. Noise has never been a...