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  1. MochaAndMoo

    Adopting I was about to give up pig ownership.

    So sorry for the loss of your pets, hopefully little Storm and Snow will help you recover. Both piggies are gorgeous, I have a soft spot for red-eyed pigs :love:
  2. MochaAndMoo

    Keeping Cool Trying to keep guinea pigs cool

    You could use a damp towel and hang it over their cage, this allows for some shady air that's also nice and cool. Frozen water bottles are a must, preferably wrapped in fleece or a towel so it doesn't make their bedding wet (you can also buy Ice Gel packs from Woolworths, make sure you wrap them...
  3. MochaAndMoo

    Urine Is my guinea pig dehydrated? Poop/urine photos

    In that case, just make sure you're keeping and eye on him. Make sure you're doing weekly weigh-ins and keeping track of the results. If he doesn't take a big liking to hay, you could possibly try mixing it up with some wheat-grass (super easy to grow, good for piggy digestion and teeth) which...
  4. MochaAndMoo

    General Bald spot and lots of itching. Mites or something else?

    Sounds like a parasite. Can you see any "dandruff" looking flakes in their fur? The most common parasite by far is mange mites, which are microscopic. Lice is visible in their fur. Luckily for you, you don't have to see a vet to treat these parasites. You can use Ivermectin to fix...
  5. MochaAndMoo

    Urine Is my guinea pig dehydrated? Poop/urine photos

    Crusty eyes are a sign of illness, that put with the fact he is not eating a lot and hasn't been seen drinking much could be a sign of him having an infection (probably related to his respiratory system, guinea pigs are extremely susceptible) I highly suggest you find an exotics vet or a vet...
  6. MochaAndMoo


    Cute piggies, welcome to the forum :)
  7. MochaAndMoo

    What are your guinea pigs called and what do they look like?

    I have a lone sow named Moo. Her much older cage mate passed away recently and I'm not exactly ready to get her a new friend just yet, I didn't take her passing very well. Welcome to the forum. I'm unsure if the litters you had are accidental, but please remember that this forum is...
  8. MochaAndMoo

    Joy Im sick and can't play with my guinea pigs :-C

    Guinea pigs are often used in medical research due to the fact they have similar immune systems to humans (as well as being used for a multitude of other reasons). While they can't catch a flu virus from people, they can be affected by bacterial infections that come along with a cold. If you...
  9. MochaAndMoo

    Behavior Dreaming?

    Definitely could have been. There is an article by Psychology Today that states; "All mammals share the same neural structures that are important in sleeping and dreaming". Some piggy owners have claimed to have seen their pigs have rapid eye movement while sleeping, which probably means guinea...
  10. MochaAndMoo

    General How much hay and water?

    Maybe adding a second hay dispenser is a good idea, piggies need an unlimited supply of hay at all times. It's very important for their digestive and dental health and should make up a very large majority of their diet. Trust me, eating that much hay is normal for pigs :o Keep the apples and...
  11. MochaAndMoo

    Coroplast Do you have to add fleece to Coroplast on c&c cage?

    Fleece is probably one of the best bedding choices for guinea pigs. It's soft on piggy feet, dust free and keeps their environment nice and dry as urine will go through the fleece onto an absorbent layer below (such as puppy pee pads, towels ect). Some other safe bedding options include...
  12. MochaAndMoo

    Sick Mouse's Health Thread part two

    Hope all goes well for little Mouse
  13. MochaAndMoo

    General Can I burn candles around my piggies?

    Air fresheners, scented products, aerosols and candles should be avoided. Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals and due to them being extremely prone to respiratory problems, it's just not a good idea. If you really want to enhance the smell in your piggies room in a safe manner, maybe try a...
  14. MochaAndMoo

    Nutrition Can Guinea Pigs eat Egg Plant? What About Seeds?

    I've seen some guinea pig owners feed it in moderation, so I'm aware it isn't toxic. But from a nutritional standpoint, it doesn't seem like an optimal choice and I'd probably avoid it all together.
  15. MochaAndMoo

    Grooming Anal Sack Cleaning

    Sounds like he's got some hay stuck in this anal sac (It's a good idea to check it on a regular basis to make sure it's clean of debris, hay, bedding ect.) Try getting a good hold on him so his back is against your tummy with his legs resting on yours, this way it's harder for them to squirm...