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Recent content by *Marie*

  1. *Marie*

    How Many Bowls and Bottles?

    I have one bowl for pellets, one big bowl for veggies, and 2 water bottles. I don't have a hay rack yet, so their hay is in another dish. It seems to be working out fine for now, but I have only had my 3 girls for about a week and a half now. When I do get a hay rack, the other dish will be...
  2. *Marie*

    Grooming From A to Z on Grooming my Peruvians

    I would like any tips anyone can offer on grooming Peruvian Guinea Pigs please. Bathing I have never had long-haired GPs before and would like to know everything there is to know about grooming. How do I go about their first baths? Should i bathe them in the bathtub, or the sink where...
  3. *Marie*

    Hello! I'm new here!

    No I am plenty old to drive, I am 23 years old, I just don't have a car. It's a lot easier for me to find a ride to somewhere that takes 10 minutes (I can call a cab if I need to also, which I have done MANY times to get my pets the medical attention when they need it) than to find a ride to...
  4. *Marie*

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Thank you all for the welcome! I had been looking around and calling shelters, rescues and SPCAs near me for the last couple months, and most of them told me that they either didn't have any piggies, or they rarely got some. There aren't many rescues near me, unfortunately, i live in a very...
  5. *Marie*

    General Air fresheners

    I have read somewhere that a glass or open jar of apple cider vinegar in the same room helps to absorb all odours, and it wouldn't harm your piggies. I have never tried it myself though.
  6. *Marie*

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hello! I just found this forum, and it looks like a great place to learn and talk about piggies! I would like to introduce myself, my name is Marie and I am 23 years old. I have had guinea pigs as a child, but that was a really long time ago! I have been planning and researching for about 2...