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Recent content by *Magu*

  1. *Magu*

    Comment by '*Magu*' in media 'Tunnel!'

    hehehe what a cutie :):)
  2. *Magu*

    back to my piggies :)

    I just thought I'd share this with you ... I'm just too excited !!! :crazy: After having spent 6 months in France (due to my university degree), I am finally flying back home tonight !! I can't even tell you, how much I am looking forward to my six piglets, who had to stay in the UK (my bf...
  3. *Magu*

    Meet my Piggys

    the guinea pig as a pet is "Meerschweinchen" (colloquial: "Meerschwein") in German. The equivalent of guinea pig in the context of testing animals (e.g. "I'm going to use you as my guinea pig") is "Versuchskaninchen", which indeed means "test rabbit" if you translate it literally.
  4. *Magu*

    my stabel

    okay, well, I haven't read the whole threat because I don't have the time, but I just wanted to say that this is _not_ the German way of treating guinea pigs! ( I am German so I should know) Yes, many people still house them in cages that are far too small (petstore cages), but they are made...
  5. *Magu*

    Is this a good idea??

    Yes, I totally agree with PiggieMom. Every guinea needs at least one place where it can hide. Ours have loads of houses and tunnels, but they are still tame, come running out when they want to be stroked (or rather fed ;) !!) etc. If you interact with them a lot, they will get tame, but...
  6. *Magu*

    My pig is acting a little weird.

    hi there, my piggies back into their favourite corner as well, so no need to worry. ;) When I had my first guinea pig more than over ten years ago (I was 9), I unfortunately didn't know much about them and kept him by himself for over a year without realising that he needed a playmate...
  7. *Magu*

    Veg*n Inside a chicken slaughter house... pictures

    What do you guys think about about organic meat though? The conditions must be better, mustn't they? I don't like meat very much in the first place and have now been "somber" for a bit more than a month. I don't find it hard at all, the only thing is that I am a bit worried because I'm not...
  8. *Magu*

    UK Should I boycott the Bodyshop?

    Wow, that was quick, thanks for the tips !! I have also found "the blonde" on the lush website, Im all excited, can't wait to try all those new things ... !!! I'm also going to try that with the lemon and the camomile!! Thank you :cheerful:
  9. *Magu*

    UK Should I boycott the Bodyshop?

    Hi there, I've had a look on that lush website, I have heard about them, but never actually bought anything, but it sounds really good and all the products look really .... ehhmm ... yummy lol !! Anyway, I have also had a look at the hair dye section (henna or les cacas), but they don't seem to...
  10. *Magu*

    Do something useful today, help stop piggie cruelty in Paris

    Hi bee1101, I totally support what you're doing. I am currently living in France and have also visited that exhibition you mentioned above. It was the second time I encountered goldfish being treated like that and it shocked me as I didn't think that this was still allowed in a modern...
  11. *Magu*

    Veg*n Feeling a bit guilty...

    Yes, thats true Voodoo Joint, as far as I am aware, "meat" used to mean "food" centuries ago and was then later applied to edible parts of mammals. Seeing that the bible is _quite_ an old book, it makes sense that it was probably translated at a time when the word "meat" was still employed in...