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Recent content by lissie

  1. lissie

    Rescues C&C Cage Demonstration

    Re: C&C Cage Demonstration I think her mom wants to know if the cage smells. Hard to tell from pictures and videos.
  2. lissie

    Rescues C&C Cage Demonstration

    Why not contact the rescue and ask if you could setup appointment with foster homes. I'm sure they'll be willing to help.
  3. lissie

    C&C Inner dimensions confusion

    They're not smaller than the pan. 27"x56" is the size for 2x4 pan. They are the same dimensions listed here: https://www.guineapigcages.com/howto.htm
  4. lissie

    C&C Inner dimensions confusion

    The tray that sits inside the grids is smaller than the dimensions of the cage. When you put the cage together with plastic connectors, you need a small gap between the grids and the tray to accomodate the legs (not sure how to call them) of the connectors. See this page for more details...
  5. lissie

    Upper Levels Can I build a Guinea Pig Tower for 4-5 Guinea Pigs?

    Welcome to GPC! Guinea pigs need space to run laps and they don't like to climb. It's why tall cages are not recommended for them. For 4 girls, the recommended cage size is 2x6 grids (28 inches by 84 inches) If you separate them into two pairs, you could do stacked cages with 2x4 grids (28...
  6. lissie

    HI! Bigger cage?

    Is your male neutered? 2x5 would be better for 3 pigs, but 2x4 might work if they all get along well.
  7. lissie

    Water Alternatives to Drippy Bottles?

    How about this idea?
  8. lissie

    C&C 2x6 with wire shelve lid

    More ideas in the gallery: https://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/g507-closed-2c-multi-level.html
  9. lissie

    Charlie's thread

    Pine is fine to use if it doesn't smell. The phenol is toxic. If it's been dried out, it can be used. You can also find hardwood pellets like aspen. Those will not have phenol that's toxic to guinea pigs.
  10. lissie

    Fleece Pee pads instead of litter box?

    Since you know cloth diapers, you must know Alova suede cloth. Those are quite good with hay. Hay sticks to them less than fleece. You can try them in the litter box. I like paper or wood pellets in the litter box. Since I live in a townhome and can't compost, I post free ads on Craigslist for...
  11. lissie

    Charlie's thread

    I've merged all your threads. You can wait until you move to find her a friend. See this article about biting: http://www.cavyspirit.com/biting.htm
  12. lissie

    Charlie's thread

    Re: Piggy Possibly Eating Shavings/Sores on Feet I would find another vet. Sounds like this one doesn't know much about guinea pigs. You're right about feeding unlimited hay. Guinea pigs should never be limited on hay. Guinea pigs are rarely overweight. Your vet could be wrong. Follow...
  13. lissie

    Fleece Pee pads instead of litter box?

    Do you mean the washable ones? If so, they are useful to use in sleeping corners. I find that using smaller fleece pads that can be swapped out everyday helps keep the main cage fleece stay clean longer. I still like to use litter box. Because hay sticks to fleece, so I prefer disposable...
  14. lissie

    General Wood shavings or paper bedding!!!????

    If you're looking for inexpensive bedding, try wood pellets and fleece on top. See this thread for more info: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/107419-3-full-weeks-of-wood-pellets
  15. lissie

    Rehoming Not sure where to post this, or how, but, I am unable to keep my beloved piggies anym

    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Could you list them on Craigslist? Just make sure to screen the people who are interested in them. Charge rehoming fee, so they don't become food.