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Recent content by Laika

  1. Laika

    Behavior Male vs female

    I have 3 females, and 1 (Navi) is much lazier, and prefers to just find a sunny spot by the window during floor time, another (Rue) runs around as fast as she can looking for things she can try to jump over (I think she thinks shes a horse) and the last (Furiosa) usually tries to find things she...
  2. Laika

    Petting Guinea Pigs

    Mine always ran when I first got them. As others have said, hand feeding veggies is good. Mine now actually come up to me for pets. It also helps to make sure they see your hand before you try to pet them. Mine still run if I dont think and just reach in to pet them, but if I let them see my...
  3. Laika

    Are guinea pigs noisy

    I imagine it depends on the pigs, but mine settle down a lot when I turn the lights out. They still do make noise but they are much quieter. If your someone like me that needs a bit of sound to sleep;I actually find my piggies noises actually help me get to sleep. I enjoy just laying in bed just...
  4. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    Finally got some pics of Rues babies. Been having camera issues so couldnt get them until now. This is Rue's daughter. She looks almost like a lil carbon copy of her mommy. lol Calling this one Shyler while I have her, because, well, she is really shy. She is the most skittish of...
  5. Laika

    Reference Guinea Pig names!!! What are yours?

    I have Rue- a dark brown and white crested named after Rue Mcclanahan who played Blanche on golden girls because she's a little diva, lol. Navi- a grey and white, named after the fairy from Legend of Zelda, because Navi is much smaller than Rue and very vocal if things aren't how she likes...
  6. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    I'm definitely going to keep one female, not sure which though. Navi had 2 girls and Rue had I think 1. so the three boys I definitely have to find homes for, and I plan to keep the girls a bit longer than the boys, and see who gets along best with Navi and Rue. At least that's the plan. :P...
  7. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    Rue just had her babies a little while ago. She had 2 pups that look just like her. Navi came and took over for a bit to let Rue get some food and water after having them. Such a good auntie. :)
  8. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    And another update. Navi is still doing good but Rue is definitly female..because she is pregnant too. As cute as the babies are it is very frustrating because it was so nerve wracking worrying about Navi, and I thought that was over, but now its just starting with Rue. -_- Also already going to...
  9. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    Here is the first pic of the babies! She had four altogether! :D I'll try to get better pics once they and Navi have had a bit more time. While Navi was eating she didn't seem to mind me checking their genders really quick. Obviously I'm not positive, but I THINK its two boys and two girls. They...
  10. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    Babies are here!! :o She's literally having them now, I'd be right next to her but she seems like she needs some space to do her thing, I'm peeking in the cage every so often to make sure things are ok. So far there are 3 and mom seems like she's doing ok. Will post more when I know more! lol...
  11. Laika

    Vet Good vets near Muscadine, Alabama?

    I'm hoping someone on here might Know of a decent guinea pig vet near Muscadine, Alabama. So far most things I have found in Alabama have been so far away. I have found one, that I plan to use should anything come up until I hopefully find a closer one. Also kind of hoping I can find one that...
  12. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    OK a little bit of an update. No babies yet, but Navi is really getting big (seems like shes bigger everyday), and there is a TON of movement. I feel so bad for her, I've seen her multiple times laying down trying to sleep and her lil side is just moving so much she cant. :( Other than that...
  13. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    Thank you everyone! I'll be sure to post when I've got some babies! :D
  14. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    Yes I did, thank you for linking it. ^_^ I THINK I've felt some movement (kind of like someone rubbing a knuckle against the palm of my hand), no teeth chatters though. My saying I wish I new how far along is more just like wishful thinking that I knew when she would have them, lol. Guess I cant...
  15. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    ok, with all the pressing nothing at all comes out, and I definitly dont feel any ridge or anything. And I actually already have some coconut oil that I use for myself so I will put a bit on the dry patch. Hoo I really hope Rue isn't pregnant too. It's already going to be hard to find homes for...