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Recent content by labgirl5

  1. labgirl5

    Bedding Best bedding?

    I personally have yet to find a wood pellet that I like (with little pine smell) so I use a mixture of compressed paper cat-litter pellets (non-clumping) with CareFRESH over the top. The pellets themselves are a lot softer than wooden ones, so I'm sure I could just use them on their own, but I...
  2. labgirl5

    Frustrated More conflicted what should I do

    That's horrible. Did they find an illness, or did they just decide to euthanize her instead of giving her to you? It's such a shame.
  3. labgirl5

    Loss One of my piggies passed and my other one hasn't squeaked all day

    I'm so sorry for your loss. He would most likely benefit from a new buddy; after one of my boars passed from illness, I introduced him (2-years old) to a 2/3-month old boar, and they get along very well now.
  4. labgirl5

    Conditions Guinea pig and Stroke

    Is he pooping yet? You said he was constipated. A pig's system needs to be constantly moving; if he is not pooping, that's a whole new reason to go to the vet. It is extremely serious and the constipation could be the reason (not the stroke itself) that could cause you to lose him.
  5. labgirl5

    Conditions Guinea pig and Stroke

    The piggy needs to see a vet. He is considerably old, and even if the vet says that meds won't do much to help him, it's not fair to let him suffer. It's a serious issue that he's not pooping. I know from experience how quickly pigs can go downhill. This is an urgent issue; some vets are...
  6. labgirl5

    Bonding Introduction of Zues and Cooper

    I got a new piggie the week before last since my baby Ralphie passed away at the beginning of October and I knew that Cooper would be happier with a friend. I got him from a local shelter and they said he had been at the shelter for a while (even though he seems very young - I'm guessing he was...
  7. labgirl5

    In Memory of Ralphie

    Ralphie was my Abyssinian guinea pig (pictured in my profile pic). I noticed he was ill Thursday, but he seemed to be getting better. I wanted to take him into the vet Friday, but by the time I realized that I would have to most of the vets were closed. So I took him in Saturday morning. He...
  8. labgirl5

    Sick Ralphie's Acting weird; lethargic, puffed up fur, mucus

    After reading some more on Guinea Lynx I definitley think it has something to do with his teeth. He has the slobbers, and he'll eat very little, or nothing at all. His appointment is in an hour.
  9. labgirl5

    Sick Ralphie's Acting weird; lethargic, puffed up fur, mucus

    Update: I'm taking him in to an emergency small animal/exotic vet tomorrow morning.
  10. labgirl5

    Sick Ralphie's Acting weird; lethargic, puffed up fur, mucus

    My pig Ralphie is ~2.5 years. He's never had any prior illnesses until now. He lives with Cooper, who is showing none of the same signs/sickness. Ralphie had been acting a bit weird yesterday, and he turned pretty lethargic. He seemed to be more interested to eat as the day went on, so I was...
  11. labgirl5

    Behavior Separated the boy and he is so sad.

    Perhaps you could take him out for lap time or floor time.
  12. labgirl5

    Aggression i dont know what to do

    That's normal dominance behavior, especially if they've only been together a few days. You only want to separate if they draw blood. It wouldn't be a good idea to add another guinea pig, especially if you're considering giving them away because they're displaying normal piggie behavior; add...
  13. labgirl5

    Bedding good bedding?

    You can't just use towels, you're supposed to use fleece OVER towels - or another absorbent layer. Towels don't allow urine to sink beneath it and dry like fleece, so it's very unsanitary. You can get fleece at a fabric store for around seven dollars a yard. How large is your cage? Fleece is...
  14. labgirl5

    Frustrated Guinea Pigs in the Classroom - an alternative point of view :)

    The thing is... Kids don't NEED pets in the classroom. Heck, it could be bad for a large majority of them because of allergies. I strongly doubt that having a living, breathing animal in a classroom is in the curriculum, or else all fifth-grade classrooms would have pets. You are responsible...
  15. labgirl5

    Bonding Kind of at a loss with bonding.

    Guinea pigs are skittish by nature; I've had one of my boys for a over a year and a half, and the other just under a year. A month is not a long time; it could take several for them to even take food from your hand. Regardless, it sounds like you're doing as much as you can to get them used to...