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Recent content by kimclifford10

  1. kimclifford10

    Behavior New babies and eating/water

    When my foster pigs had their babies, I didn't have to do any kind of water bottle training with them. I think they would watch mom drink from the bottle, and just followed her example. Do they seem to be having trouble with the bottle? And what kind of treats are you feeding them? They are...
  2. kimclifford10

    Bathing Am i supposed to give my piggy a bath?

    I didn't know that! I can't remember where I heard that you were supposed to bathe for mites, good thing my pigs have never had them :ohmy: I would have felt terrible for making things worse
  3. kimclifford10

    Bathing Am i supposed to give my piggy a bath?

    Usually not, many piggies don't enjoy baths. You really only need to bathe them if they have mites or something, or if they get very dirty (peed on, have diarrhea, etc). They are very good about keeping themselves clean otherwise. However, if you have a long haired piggy, you may need to...
  4. kimclifford10

    Say hello to Breadcrumb and Oatmeal.

    Love the names!!
  5. kimclifford10

    Aggression Is it possible to reintroduce my dominant boar?

    Have you tried putting them down together for floor time? Maybe Squeak will feel a bit more comfortable if he knows that he has ample room to get away from Toby if need be
  6. kimclifford10

    Introductions New Piggy.

    oh my goodness she is SO cute!!!!! she kind of looks like a "Trixie" to me
  7. kimclifford10

    Behavior Little stinker likes his hay on the floor. Why?

    you hit the nail on the head lol
  8. kimclifford10

    Behavior Butt Sniffing?

    Mine do this too. Didn't know that it could be an indication that one is in heat. You learn something new every day!
  9. kimclifford10

    Behavior Why do piggies poof up when eating veggies?

    I've wondered this for years, I'm hoping that maybe some of you on here have the answer! I used to think that it could have to do with feeding cold veggies, but after some experimenting I discovered that they seem to do it even when veggies are at room temperature. Here's a picture of Houdini...
  10. kimclifford10

    Play More floor time for my lonely piggie?

    If you were giving her floor time before and she seemed to enjoy it, there's no reason to stop! My pigs have a 2x4 cage, and they still get over 3 hours of floor time a day and they LOVE it! Make sure you put some hidey houses on the floor with her so she has a place to hide and feel secure...
  11. kimclifford10

    My guinea pigs favorite thing in the world is "fill in the blank*

    my guinea pigs' favorite thing in the world is floor time!
  12. kimclifford10

    Reference Guinea Pig names!!! What are yours?

    My first 2 piggies: Speedy and Ziggy Next piggies: Reeses and Peanut Butter (PB for short) Current piggies: Peanut and Houdini. Peanut was, and still is, VERY small so "Peanut" just fit. Houdini has been an escape artist since day one. Foster piggies: Sugar and Spice. They came into the...
  13. kimclifford10

    Newbie with a cavy

    So sorry for your loss :sad:. How old was Penelope?
  14. kimclifford10

    Trying to sex my new babies

    Both look like males to me too. The link that bpatters posted is very helpful!
  15. kimclifford10

    Brand new owner in CA

    yup no cover needed! you don't need to worry about them climbing out :)