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Recent content by katiecavyNC

  1. katiecavyNC

    Uncomfortable question about animal burials

    That is true - the animal shelters in many counties are built where the land fill is for a reason. Animals that are euth'd are just put out with the trash, or mass buried in a special area of the landfill.
  2. katiecavyNC

    Uncomfortable question about animal burials

    A lot depends on the soil type, how much moisture and how deep you bury them. Soil type is especially key. Some soil types aid and hasten decomposition, other soil types actually have a preservative effect on the body (think peat bogs, where bodies can be preserved so that very ancient burials...
  3. katiecavyNC

    I could use some advice (It's about hay)

    My girls (3) can easily munch through a 1lb bag of timothy hay in 3-4 days. WAY more than a handful...
  4. katiecavyNC

    Other mice

    You know, I think getting down to one mouse didn't just cut down on the odor because there was only one mouse rather than two, I think that the mice have more odor to the urine when they have another mouse to 'communicate' with in that way. I know the smell definately dropped more than half...
  5. katiecavyNC

    Other mice

    Mice just stink. I hate to say it, but we have mice and they just really smell. I had a wire cage that I was cleaning every day and it still just permeated my son's room. I switched to an aquarium with a screen topper and that helped some. We're down to one mouse now due to natural...
  6. katiecavyNC

    Bird information

    A hand raised parakeet is a great small bird. If the cage is large enough and well designed they aren't that messy. They aren't THAT loud as compared to other small parrots, and they are easy to find on Craigslist or other similar sites as their price makes them attractive 'starter' pets for...
  7. katiecavyNC

    Wicked's Crochet Piggies!

    OK, I can't edit my posts anymore for some reason... I meant (to clarify) not to use the yarn to stitch the plastic eyes on, but to replace the plastic eyes with yarn embroidery. OK, really weird... after posting this one, all of a sudden the 'EDIT" button is back. Go figure... -S
  8. katiecavyNC

    Wicked's Crochet Piggies!

    If you are worried about the eyes you could just use black or brown yarn and satin stitch them on... Very nice job!
  9. katiecavyNC


    The lead concerns that have been publicized lately in the products from China had to do with the paint used on the toys, not lead contamination in metals or plastics. I'd generally avoid anything painted for the piggies anyway...
  10. katiecavyNC

    Does anyone have one of these??

    I second the PVC pipe idea. You can easily connect lenghts of the 4" pipe using the plumbing connectors to make almost any type and style of tunnel. Just don't use the cement to connect your pieces permanently so that you can take it apart for cleaning. It just will clean up sooooo much...
  11. katiecavyNC

    how to tell if pig is pregnant?

    Wait 72 days and see if a baby comes out. Just kiddin - go to Guinealynx.com and check out the guide on GP care and there is a whole section on pregnancy. Good luck!
  12. katiecavyNC

    Nursing home pig.

    What a nice story - it's good to see that they are taking good care of their piggy and that she is bringing some comfort to the residents. Too bad there isn't room for a C&C.... they could always put a top over to keep the dog and cat out.
  13. katiecavyNC

    Im really worried!!! Please help!

    One of our piggies we got from the petstore (before we knew better) was pregnant when we got her. Didn't know it until we noticed her belly getting tight, and then it was very iffy until we actually could see movement about 3 weeks before she had the baby. She only had 1 baby and never got...
  14. katiecavyNC

    Is my piggy pregnant?

    If you do a search on the forum, you'll get a lot of info on this - basically pregnant piggies are extremely pear shaped, usually - ie, they are 'nomal' sized on the head end, then get very round on the back end. From above they look like they have large lumps on either side near their back...
  15. katiecavyNC

    I'm starting vet tech school in 3 weeks...

    No specific advice for Vet Tech/Vet Medicine degrees, but I can tell you the most important advice I got when I started college - GO TO CLASS. Sometimes it's sooooo tempting to skip when you are tired, the class is early, it's a pretty day outside, the prof is boring, whatever... BUT the most...