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Recent content by Julip

  1. Julip

    Adopting Finally got a job, soon adopting!

    After my two precious girls passed away, I thought I'd never get another pig. But now that I have a job and am finally making some money, kept looking at pics of other people's pigs, I just can't resist them. So for the next month or two I'm going to be saving up for a bigger cage, possibly some...
  2. Julip

    Comment by 'Julip' in media 'Pinky'

    I just adore that streak on her head! Wonderful looking pig. :)
  3. Julip

    Comment by 'Julip' in media '100_4999'

    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
  4. Julip

    I will miss my little Cosmo

    I am so sorry. I recently lost my little girl too.
  5. Julip

    Comment by 'Julip' in media 'Toeses'

    Oh my goodness. Way too cute!
  6. Julip

    Comment by 'Julip' in media 'Feets'

    Awww piggie butt!! So cute!
  7. Julip

    Photos Photos of my piggies :D

    Adorable!! :)
  8. Julip

    Joy They're just irrisistable.

    I am an insane, crazy animal lover. I love all animals. But guinea pigs by far are the only ones to make my heart, and body, jump for joy when I see them. I recently lost my baby Carmella. But looking at pigtures has made me feel a little better. I am out of a job now, but once I get a new one...
  9. Julip

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection I think my piggies are sick! Is there anything I can do?

    Being as I just recently lost my girl for not taking her in soon enough, it's good that you're taking them in. Next time I adopt a pig, it will have regular checkups. I should have noticed signs earlier but I didn't. Never hesitate to take to the vet if you suspect something is wrong.
  10. Julip

    Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.

    Thank you everyone. Your posts are very helpful. I did have another pig before her. We rescued her, she was at an old age but healthy, and passed about 3 months ago. If an opportunity did come to take another pig, I would, if conditions and finances were right. I wouldn't have had the money to...
  11. Julip

    Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.

    Thanks everyone. I wont be getting a pig for a while. I'm going to recover from the loss and wait for the perfect time, and perfect pig, to come along.
  12. Julip

    Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.

    Carmella passed at 7:00 PM, Januaray 8th 2011. Thanks everyone for hopes and prayers. I'm blaming no one but myself.
  13. Julip

    Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.

    I have been hand feeding and watering her. I thought that every hour and a half should be good, unless anyone else disagrees. I've been feeding her veggie mashes for now. I am also keeping her wrapped up in many towels and blankets where I can see her and keep an eye on her, since she needs to...
  14. Julip

    Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.

    Update on Carmella. I took Carmella to the vet today. She was showing signs of URI. He checked her out and told me she has Pneumonia. He gave her an injection and told me to make sure she gets fluids. I've been giving her water with a dropper and I will be giving her a veggie mash in a little...
  15. Julip

    Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.

    Re: Average cost of antibiotics? We are taking her in today at 11, it was the soonest we could get in. In the meantime, I also have another question: Where can we buy the syringes for hand feeding? If you can buy them at wal-mart, that will be great, because we live in a very tiny town, and the...