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Recent content by JonLovesGP

  1. JonLovesGP

    Female Guinea Pig in Nebraska

    Is anybody needing to re-home a female guinea pig in Nebraska? I need a companion for my Lucy.
  2. JonLovesGP

    Looking for a female in Nebraska

    She's so small!
  3. JonLovesGP

    Looking for a female in Nebraska

    I do live in the Lincoln area also.
  4. JonLovesGP

    Looking for a female in Nebraska

    Does anybody have/know of a female/s that needs a home in Nebraska? I've been trying to find one but can't seem to locate any within my area.
  5. JonLovesGP

    I'm Jon! This is Liz and Lucy!

    Hello everyone. My name is Jon and I've had Liz & Lucy for about 3 weeks. They are getting along great and are very healthy and happy. Liz & Lucy are the first cavies that I have ever owned and are surprising me with new behavior everyday. I have to admit I'm a slave to these wonderful creatures...
  6. JonLovesGP

    Sounds Grunting?

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Who was more vocal? It's possible that if Izzy wheeked first then Ellie would follow her lead and now because of Izzy's passing Ellie is still coping with the changes. I'm not an expert or anything but it's a possibility.
  7. JonLovesGP

    Sounds Difference between a rumble and a purr?

    Hello everyone. I have learned a vast amount of knowledge concerning guinea pigs from this forum. It has been very helpful. But I'm still a little confused about the differences between a rumble and a purr. I've found mixed comments about both. Some say purring is good and some say purring is...
  8. JonLovesGP

    Need some toy ideas

    I'm really liking that fleece forest idea and the cozy. Thanks for all the ideas. Now I just need to find some fleece and something to make a cozy out of. Thanks for all the ideas. :)
  9. JonLovesGP

    Need some toy ideas

    So I have two female guinea pigs, Liz and Lucy. They are currently in a 6x4 C&C cage. It was the largest one I could build that would fit in my room. I have a litter box (with a large hay rack), a big hidey, and two water bottles. There is a lot of space in the cage and I was wondering what I...