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Recent content by jacquerooks

  1. jacquerooks

    Pigs in a Store!!

    @PigPandemonum-My point in this was that sometimes you have to take the situation that you are given and try to make the best of it. I live in Alabama where we have had triple digit heat for three months now. If I would not leave my childrenin a car in this kind of heat how could you expect me...
  2. jacquerooks


    Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions. I have asked plenty since I joined and the members where always able to give me great advice.
  3. jacquerooks

    Behavior Is my Guinea pig scared, depressed, or just tired?

    It will take him a few days to get used to you and his new surroundings. I would wait 2-3 days before trying to pick him to try to bond with him. What you can do is sit somewhere near his cage and talk to him for about five minutes a couple times a day until then. If you get him used to seeing...
  4. jacquerooks

    Urine Urine color?

    It seems like everyday since I have had Stevie I have learned a little something about him and his care. I recently decided to change his bedding from CareFresh to fleece after giving him what I belive was probably his first deep cleaning. Even though I washed his fleece a couple of times before...
  5. jacquerooks

    Pigs in a Store!!

    I must say that I agree with what this owner did. When I adopted my pig all he came with a cage that included his food bowl and water bottle, but for some odd reason the previous owner told me that she wanted to keep the food and hay even though she did not own any other pigs. Nevertheless I...
  6. jacquerooks

    C&C Alternatives Need some ideas!

    I have seen the pool thing and considered it, but don't know where I would put it. My problem has been finding coroplast for a good price. I can buy the grids at Sam's Club (which is where I buy my baby diapers so I am there a lot) and I also have a good amount of fleece already. I have heard...
  7. jacquerooks

    C&C Alternatives Need some ideas!

    I just adopted my first piggie a few weeks ago and he came with a store bought cage. I wanted to give him a little while to adjust to me and my family before moving him into a c&c cage. Unfortunately we were told yesterday that I need to go on bedrest untill I deliver ( I am due in December) and...
  8. jacquerooks

    Grooming Mineral oil

    I was wondering this same thing. Is there any brand that seems to be better than others? I will be doing a "deep cleaning" for the first time and want to know what people who have done it several times thin would be best. And is there any type or brand that would be a no-no to use?
  9. jacquerooks

    Grooming Deep Cleaning?

    I am so glad that I decided to read this post. I just adopted my first piggie and considering the shape that his nails, cage and grease gland was in I am sure that the previous owner never did this for him. This is definately next on my "to do" list for him. Is one type of mineral better than...
  10. jacquerooks

    Behavior Picky Guinea

    I might just have to do that, had not thought of it before. It is quite amusing to see him scurrying around like he does.
  11. jacquerooks

    Behavior Picky Guinea

    This is a post I wanted to put up just out of curiosity to see if anyone else's piggie did the same thing. Stevie is very picking about the layout of his cage. When I clean his cage (which is a spot clean daily and a complete bedding change weekly) I take everything out and put everything back...
  12. jacquerooks

    Nails/Nail Trimming Not sure when I can attempt this

    Stevie's nails were really bad when I got him about two weeks ago. I waited about a week before I tried to cut them. I also had to give him a bath (he was not well cared for before I got him) so I did it after that. The water made his nails softer (he was only in the water maybe five minutes)...
  13. jacquerooks

    My house is haunted! and my pigs are acting wired.

    I think that animals have a special sense for things like that. I have a ghost that follows me everywhere we go (we have moved three times and cant get rid of it) that I think is an old boyfriend maybe. I have seen him once but he always lets me know that he is around (opening my kitchen...
  14. jacquerooks

    Nails/Nail Trimming Refuses to let me clip his nails.

    Glad to report that we finally got those nails done. He was pretty upset at first, but when I put him back in his cage and could actually walk around comfortably was a quite excited. He even took a few laps around it before retreating to his igloo.
  15. jacquerooks

    Joy My hubby is hooked!

    My husband got me a piggie recently when we moved to be closer to his work and downsized to an apartment. We were told that I would have to get rid of our dog (the most handsome black Shar Pei) and since I was so devistated he got me Stevie. At first neither one of them liked the other, until I...