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Recent content by ItsaZoo

  1. ItsaZoo

    Fleece Paw Inspired brand fleece liners - has anyone tried them?

    I’ve never seen these before but they sure look like a nice product. I love the way they sweep up with no hay sticking to the fleece. They wouldn’t work with my little girl though. She likes to hike her little hinder up in the corners and I have to put pads halfway up the sides or else I have a...
  2. ItsaZoo

    Conditions Red feet issue

    I haven’t had a Guinea pig with feet that red, but I have used diaper rash cream on irritated feet and back legs. I cleaned the area first, then applied the cream to get it covered thoroughly. It’s waterproof so if she’s sitting in one place and it’s wet, the cream will act as a barrier.
  3. ItsaZoo

    Carriers Best Carrier?

    I see the heavy plastic ones at thrift stores all the time and that’s where I found one. It’s the size for a cat or small dog. It has a tab to tuck the seat belt in and I can hang the water bottle on the door. I took it apart, completely washed it. It’s in really good condition and only cost $9.00.
  4. ItsaZoo

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    My condolences 4boipigs. Your little pigs have such good care, and you were right to take Amigo in when you saw his quality of life wasn’t what it should be. Take care of yourself.
  5. ItsaZoo

    Sick Guinea pig off balance, cant walk

    Does he try to get up and go in circles? Or does he hold his head up and move his head in circles? Those are classic symptoms of inner ear infections and head tilt. My Gidget is being treated for head tilt. The exotics vet x-rayed her head and saw changes in her inner ear. They usually need...
  6. ItsaZoo

    Weight Loss Guinea pig losing weight, vet can't find anything

    You mentioned that you separate them to feed them. I’m assuming you mean when you feed veggies and that you’re keeping hay and pellets available for them at all times. He should be grazing on and off around the clock.
  7. ItsaZoo

    Fleece Pee Pads

    I have experimented with the polyester chenille bath mats sold at Target and I have to say I really like those. I’ve used them for a few months now. They are soft, they wash well, and they seem to be absorbent. Here is a link showing the ones I bought: Polyester chenille bath mats
  8. ItsaZoo

    Hay Ants attracted to hay!

    Maybe put the box in the freezer for a while, to make sure there are no live ants in there.
  9. ItsaZoo

    Fleece Diaper Cloth for cage liners?

    I’ve never used diaper flannel so I don’t know how thick it is. I use a layer of fleece (anti-pill plush) on top of a washable incontinence bed pad. I don’t sew them together, it’s easier to wash and dry if the layers are separate. Then I made wee pads for the corners of the cage, since that’s...
  10. ItsaZoo

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    I hope they can start to at least co-exist for now. It’s a big change for both of them, so maybe when Charlie gets more used to the sounds of the house and isn’t so anxious they will both settle down.
  11. ItsaZoo

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    Your Maya was a beauty, and how cute that she sleeps on her back. I had an old cat who did that.
  12. ItsaZoo

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    This is great news. I don’t understand the red eyes thing either. I know those big brown eyes are cute, but the red eyes seem to have a little attitude or personality. I would also suspect that people who don’t really like mice and rats may be put off. Anyway, I’m happy that Amigo seems to be...
  13. ItsaZoo

    Urine Confused about color of urine

    It can also vary in color and look darker from some of the foods they eat, like red leaf lettuce.
  14. ItsaZoo

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    My condolences, 4boipigs, I’m so sorry to read this. It sounds like he had a few things going on that just couldn’t be resolved. Your pigs get the best care, and they are very fortunate to have such a good home. Take care of yourself.
  15. ItsaZoo

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    The forum app doesn’t rotate to correct the pictures if they’re sideways or upside down. Rotate the pictures on your phone and save them, then upload and they’ll be right-side up. Sorry about Chico not eating today. I hope you get him back on track.