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Recent content by Ilovemypiggies1

  1. Ilovemypiggies1

    Sick Sick piggies?

    Cleaning: I'm so used to my 2x6 cage and not a pet store cage, I forgot about that. I'll have to wash the fleece tomorrow. Breathing: It's the sound, it kind of is like wheezing but not really. Kind of like when your nose is stuffed and you try to breath through it...a noise similar to that.
  2. Ilovemypiggies1

    Sick Sick piggies?

    I am watching my friends daughter's two piggies while they are on vacation. The pigs are in a pet store cage. (only for the week) I'm not sure how old the two pigs are but they are both females and came from a pet store. Taking care of them for 1-2 days I have noticed a strong nasty odor coming...
  3. Ilovemypiggies1

    Weight Are my piggies at a healthy weight?

    Both of them are females.
  4. Ilovemypiggies1

    Weight Are my piggies at a healthy weight?

    I have two piggies, both are a little over a year old. Both of them weigh around 2lbs and 8 ounces. Is that considered a normal weight or overweight?
  5. Ilovemypiggies1

    Sexing Stupid, stupid, stupid pet store!!!

    I'm glad you're going to call them and tell them that...that shows how employee's know nothing about small animals. I would suggest separating them until you definitely know their sexes. Better safe than sorry!
  6. Ilovemypiggies1

    Conditions Hair problems/weird bone

    This is not normal, usually there shouldn't get a "mess" around your piggies bottom area. Is his poop very wet like? Loss of hair could mean that they is lice, mites, or fleas. The problem could be mostly likely mites. To treat mites you have to take your piggie to the vet and get Ivermectin...
  7. Ilovemypiggies1

    PETA Book!

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to check it out!
  8. Ilovemypiggies1

    C&C Help making a cage!

    I wouldn't suggest having two on the top and two on the bottom because then they all won't be able to see each other. Whether they are girls or boys, a 3x2 is not enough for two piggies. Could you possible make a 2x5 or 2x6 with an upper loft? If they're girls, you could probably get away with a...
  9. Ilovemypiggies1

    Supplements Stopping Drops but No Veggies Yet?

    I would stop giving her and get Oxbow ASAP. The reason I say this is because brands of pellets other than Kleenmama's and Oxbow have ingredients in them that are harmful to piggies. They also don't provide as much vitamin C in their pellets as the brands I listed above. I would suggest just...
  10. Ilovemypiggies1

    Bedding Won't stop eating bedding!

    You may want to try switching to different brands of bedding to see which one she won't eat. Make sure she is getting unlimited hay, pellets, and water. Along with another piggie friend, like akstrohm mentioned, if this don't have another friend they may do things like eating the bedding because...
  11. Ilovemypiggies1

    So, we adopted a new dog...

    Congrats on adopting a new puppy! This may just be puppy behavior and she may grow out of it as she gets older since she is 2 months. I would suggest though taking her for puppy training classes to make sure that this does not continue into adulthood but it could lead to aggression.
  12. Ilovemypiggies1

    Exercise Laziest Pig in the World!

    Elmer is probably just getting used to having a new friend. If this is is on going problem, I would go see a vet to make sure everything is alright. Here's a link that will be helpful...if he has an of these signs, take him to the vet right away. http://www.guinealynx.info/emergency.html#uri
  13. Ilovemypiggies1

    Adopt vs. Buy Sad mommy, too many mistakes?

    Don't worry, all of us make mistakes. I made the same mistake of buying my piggies from the pet store. Just take that into consideration, if you're able to get another pig, look on Craigslist or a local animal shelter. Try to forget the past and just look at the future...your piggie will love...
  14. Ilovemypiggies1

    Behavior I Think I Traumatized My Piggie!

    He'll be ok! He's just a little scared because he remembers that situation. Don't worry though, because it was for the safety of your piggie. He will get over it! The first time I gave my two piggies a bath, they were afraid of me for a day and then they got over it.
  15. Ilovemypiggies1

    Happy Birthday VJ!

    Happy Birthday VJ, Have a great day! :)