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Recent content by Heather Acosta

  1. Heather Acosta

    Reference Guinea Pig names!!! What are yours?

    I have 10 females: Vicky, Nala, Princess, Duchess, Patches, Moo, Roxie, Peanut, Jewel, and Bella And 6 males: Simba (fixed, brother to Nala, in with females), Buddy, Doc Holiday, Tarzan, Taz, and Felix I don't really have a theme. I just pick names based on their personalities, unless they are...
  2. Heather Acosta

    Pregnancy Pregnant?

    That is probably what it was then. I didn't even think about that.
  3. Heather Acosta

    Pregnancy Pregnant?

    She is doing good. It turns out that she wasn't pregnant. I'm not sure what it was that we saw and felt, but she has slimmed down and has not had any babies. She's still eating and acting normal, so I know she's not sick. Thank you for asking about her.
  4. Heather Acosta

    Sick Still sick after a few courses of antibiotics and vets don't know what to do

    You're welcome Furnacefairy. I'm glad that your piggy is doing better.
  5. Heather Acosta

    Chat so my kid wants a guinea pig...

    I think most piggies run around the outside of their cage, so having it in the middle would be best. It's awesome that it also doubles as a support for your lid.
  6. Heather Acosta

    Pregnancy Is my piggie pregnant ? Help

    Congratulations!! I'm glad your piggy and her pups are doing good. I can't wait to see pictures.
  7. Heather Acosta

    My Mom's Thing About Fleece Liners (Help?)

    I would tell her that it's no different than washing soiled baby clothes in the washing machine. I don't know what her stance is on cloth diapers, but it would be similar to that as well. If she is really concerned about it, see if she would consider getting a really cheap used washer that you...
  8. Heather Acosta

    Chat so my kid wants a guinea pig...

    You could puncture a hole in the coroplast for the tube of the bottle to fit through. We needed our coroplast to be more stable on the sides of the cage as it was bowing and we used a pencil to puncture holes for our zip ties. You could do the same thing.
  9. Heather Acosta

    Behavior Guinea Pigs Warming Up To Me Fast!

    I would recommend moving it to the pregnancy forum as you will get more advice there.
  10. Heather Acosta

    Pregnancy Pregnant?

    While weighing Vicky tonight, we were finally able to confirm that Vicky is indeed pregnant. We felt the pups kick. We were also able to see them kick when she later laid down to sleep. We are guessing that she is around 7ish weeks along. She is still barely showing in pictures (definitely...
  11. Heather Acosta

    Behavior Guinea Pigs Warming Up To Me Fast!

    Some things you can do to keep them warm would be to put an electric blanket under the coroplast so they can't chew on it or the cord. Just make sure that it is on the lowest setting so they don't get burnt (you can also lay it on only one side of the cage so they can move to the other side if...
  12. Heather Acosta

    New here!

    Welcome! Your piggy is so cute. I'm sorry about the loss of your Poopsie. At least she had a long life in a loving home.
  13. Heather Acosta

    Flags Please flag breeder

    For the links with the white ones, it looks like at least one of the bigger piggies are pregnant, so I agree that they are most likely breeders. I flagged all 4.
  14. Heather Acosta

    Have a vet visit planned but . . .

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
  15. Heather Acosta

    Pregnancy Pregnant?

    I am extremely cautious moving her. She will climb onto my hands so that I can remove her. Essentially, she will stand on my hands while I move her. I also make sure that her belly is supported and not squished. I usually let her be in the cage unless I'm taking her out to weigh her (I take the...