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Recent content by Guinea Pig Papa

  1. Guinea Pig Papa

    Fresh Food Morning munch time, Bon appetit!!

    Your pigs indeed look quite happy with their selection of yummy veggies!
  2. Guinea Pig Papa

    Soren and his Paranoid Mom

    Welcome to the forum. Soren certainly is a handsome little man! Hopefully he doesn't have any lasting effects from his thanksgiving accident! I know what you mean, I am ALWAYS worried about my boys. Try not to focus on what if and enjoy him for however long you have him. They do have...
  3. Guinea Pig Papa

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Welcome to the forum. So cool to have another piggie dad among us, we seem to be a rare breed indeed !
  4. Guinea Pig Papa

    Cleaning Cedar Bedding for over a year

    Very happy to hear that you have already switched. 7 years is a normal life for a guinea pig, and longer than a lot get. I have yet to have one reach 7 years, although Sly was very close.
  5. Guinea Pig Papa

    Cleaning Cedar Bedding for over a year

    The phenols in cedar are what can affect their health, mainly manifesting as respiratory issues. Get them off of it as soon as possible. There is the possibility that health issues may arise down the road from it, but across that bridge when you come to it. Vitamin C is good, but having...
  6. Guinea Pig Papa

    Medications Meloxicam dosage too high?

    I think she meant it's 1.5mg/ml. That's the same dosage that my boys have always had.
  7. Guinea Pig Papa

    General Piggy pet insurance

    Even for $60 a month per pig it would be worth it. Just an examination alone would be more than that, and at a monthly rate you'd never even miss it.
  8. Guinea Pig Papa

    General Piggy pet insurance

    Such a fantastic idea. I have been looking for pet insurance like this for my boys here in Canada and it doesn't exist. While I have no problem spending the money on my boys, it would be so nice to know that the coverage would be there if times had gotten a little tough. Just curious...
  9. Guinea Pig Papa

    My buddy died

    I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace at the Rainbow Bridge little man.
  10. Guinea Pig Papa

    Pellets Pellet Reccomendations?

    These are also fine, the calcium content is no different than the essentials.
  11. Guinea Pig Papa

    Pellets Pellet Reccomendations?

    SPS is another brand that we recommend, and I just checked. Their max is at .6%. If you're located in the US you may wish to give them a try. A lot of our members swear by them.
  12. Guinea Pig Papa

    Pellets Pellet Reccomendations?

    Oxbow Essentials are fine. In fact, its one of VERY few pellets that we DO recommend. Actually its what my own pigs have always eaten.
  13. Guinea Pig Papa

    Weight Possibly overweight?

    All pigs are messy eaters. My Leo looks like he ate a tube of paint of whatever colour fruit or veggie he had! Any pigs I have had that have a white chest have always managed to get food stains all over it on a daily basis.
  14. Guinea Pig Papa

    Weight Possibly overweight?

    My boys get 1/8 of an entire pepper a day, each.
  15. Guinea Pig Papa

    Introductions Can my buck and sow live together? They don’t mind eachother.

    If theyre already together, its almost guaranteed to be too late. How old are they?