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Recent content by Gryffy&dewey

  1. Gryffy&dewey

    Sick 9-year-old guinea pig dying

    I am so sad for that loss! I was sad when my frined's piggie died! I hope he restes in peace. Again I am sorry!
  2. Gryffy&dewey

    4 1/2 year old guinea pig might be pregnant.

    My friend's guinea pig Daisy was found like that but she didn't have them. Her brother sqezeed (sorry about spelling) Where did you get your Guinea pig? She might have had been in a cage with a male mistaken for a female and it hadn't worked until the male you owned did it to her...? I hope not...
  3. Gryffy&dewey

    Weight Loss Ill Guinea Pig! Recent Drastic Weight Loss!

    That's sad! I hope he gets better!
  4. Gryffy&dewey

    Take Care Pooh

    I am so sorry about Pooh. I was sad when my Glo died. It was too crowded in there tank. Same thing with Dorthey the goldfish, my friend's fish, who lived 10 years. Mine lived 3 weeks. R.I.P. Pooh. Swim well. :weepy:
  5. Gryffy&dewey

    R.I.P Daisy

    A year ago my friends' guinea pig Daisy was eating in her C&C cage. A day later she was found dead in her cage. I never knew what had killed her, but for months she had a bald spot on her fur. She was a female tan & white guinea pig with a white spot on her back. That's where the bald spot was...
  6. Gryffy&dewey


    I amso sorry about oreo. Yes the ceder is bad for them. What got me mad is that I went to Walmart and saw ceder bedding. It said for hamster, rabbit, dig, cat, horse, and GUINEA PIG! Who do they think they are anyway? Man, that's wasn't very smart! :mad:
  7. Gryffy&dewey

    Pet Stores Petco

    :ohmy: No way! My guinea pig, dewey, is very healthy and he's from Petco. Apparently the Petco you go to does do it, but mine doesn't. That or you are thinking of Petland. They do it. If you've been there the cages are glass and filthy. They just feed and water them. They don't clean their...