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Recent content by GrnMtmom

  1. GrnMtmom

    Won't Eat What food do your piggies not like?

    Haha, add my 2 girls to the zucchini/squash haters club. I think that is the only thing I have given them that they have refused. I have tried giving it to them a few times and every time that is all that is left uneaten.
  2. GrnMtmom

    Diet How Often do you Give Fruit?

    I am glad this was brought up because I have been very curious about this. My 2 girls get a very small amount of fruit almost every day. Like 1/8th of a strawberry to share (depending on the size of the berry), one blueberry each, half a grape (not often), or a tiny piece of apple. I would...
  3. GrnMtmom

    Joy You know you love your piggies when...

    These are great. ...When you cut your vacation short just so you can get home to the pigs (and you miss them, think about them and worry about them the entire time you are gone). ...Looking for new things for the piggies on every shopping trip. ...Buying "exotic" veggies that you have never...
  4. GrnMtmom

    Behavior Abe can't figure out how to get from one side of the cage to the other

    My guinea pigs had trouble figuring out their ramp at first. Since I had moved their hay to the 2nd level (the kitchen), I would leave a trail of hay. I also showed them the hay and then slowly moved it up the ramp as they followed after me. I even used a little stuffed lamb and tried to use...
  5. GrnMtmom

    Coroplast Is this a good price?

    Yes, every place I asked didn't seem to know what coroplast was, so I explained it was corrugated plastic. Like corrugated cardboard but plastic. Everyone asked me why I wanted it. lol
  6. GrnMtmom

    Fleece Attaching Fleece and Sizing

    This is what I did...I had extra coroplast, so I made an extra bottom layer for the cage but made it just slightly smaller. That bottom layer is removable (I have a 2x4 bottom level). I take it out, put towels on it, lay the fleece over it and wrap it around the coroplast and secure it to the...
  7. GrnMtmom

    Coroplast Is this a good price?

    I live in a rural area. I do have some local sign shops near me but they weren't very helpful. Both places, the person I talked to was clueless, and the person I needed to talk to wasn't there. One took my number and I never heard from them. The other place, the person was out of town for a...
  8. GrnMtmom

    New to pigs

    Welcome! She is so sweet looking. Congratulations on your addition.
  9. GrnMtmom

    Social Anxiety

    I can have social anxiety too. Therapy has been the biggest help. I recommend cognitive/cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) because they can work with you on coping stradegies and your thought process, and also teach you how to deal with panic attacks. More helpful than "talk" therapy for me...
  10. GrnMtmom

    Dominance Two piggies still fighting after two weeks.

    I am glad I found this thread. I am going through the same thing with my guinea pigs, Bella and Maisie. When I got them from the rescue, I was told that Bella was 1-2 years and Maisie was about 5 months. They were rescued together and came to me together. They appear to get along fine but...
  11. GrnMtmom

    Nutrition Some Vitamin C Questions

    If it makes you feel any better, my pigs wouldn't eat peppers initially. However, I kept offering them and now, they eat them with no problems. My one piggie, Maisie, it is her favorite thing and that is what she goes for first. Neither one of them will touch strawberries though. Guess that...
  12. GrnMtmom

    Fleece Cleaning 3x a day!

    My piggies have a temporary "kitchen" at one end of their cage. This will eventually be on an upper level but that isn't finished yet. I made a box out of coroplast, the sides are 4 or 5 inches high. I cut a door in it for them. I put carefresh in the bottom of this and their hay is at one...
  13. GrnMtmom

    Blog Coroplast Done - More Pics

    That is great! Your new additions will be so happy in their new home. Enjoy!
  14. GrnMtmom

    Won't Eat Veggies What to do if won't touch fruit/veggies?

    I have only had my guinea pigs a few days but have found I need to keep offering them things. I honestly think they had no idea what a green pepper was. They wouldn't touch it the first time. I just kept leaving it out for them and they are now eating it (though it appears to be the last thing...
  15. GrnMtmom

    Gandalf Looks Like Lady Gaga.

    That is funny. However, I think Gandalf is much cuter.