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  1. grace&piggies

    Stones Bladder stone removal on 8 year old guinea pig

    [emoji173][emoji120] thank you Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  2. grace&piggies

    Stones Bladder stone removal on 8 year old guinea pig

    We are by no means out of the woods yet. Nowhere near it! I have just done a second feed. It is midnight here. Time for a quick kip before the next feed. Fingers crossed that she gets to see the sunrise. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  3. grace&piggies

    Stones Bladder stone removal on 8 year old guinea pig

    Winifred's previous thread was too old to edit. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/114889-Superlorin-implant-7yr-old-pig-showing-signs-of-ovarian-cysts?highlight= Today Winifred had surgery to remove a bladder stone stuck in her urethra. Yes, anaesthesia on an 8 year old guinea pig...
  4. grace&piggies

    Hay Allergic to hay

    I try to go for oaten hay as meadow hay sets me off far worse, but it depends on the time of year. Good ventilation, antihistamines and thoroughly washing my hands seconds after directly touching hay keep it manageable.
  5. grace&piggies

    Australia Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    Pet Stock does small quantities of meadow hay and oaten hay in a couple of different brands. I think it's about $10 a bag. As for pellets, I only feed oxbow if I'm feeding them pellets at all. With decent hay available to the pigs 24/7 and veg you can do without.
  6. grace&piggies

    General Moving 3,000 miles away - how to transport pigs

    That is hilarious! Your cats know how to holiday! Someone posted recently about a US airline that allow pets in the cabin but it was only one pet per carrier per person - not exactly going to measure up for your tribe. Are there any US companies that specialise in transporting pets? There are...
  7. grace&piggies

    Behavior I think my female guinea pig might be a male

    Firstly, welcome! This forum is an excellent reference point. Being from a pet shop they could be anything so when you can, flip them over and compare to the above pictures. Both Soecara and bpatters have listed links above on sexing for reference.
  8. grace&piggies

    Feet Feet?

    I'm not sure what a borough is but if you saw the state of my front yard or back yard... My elderly neighbour recently offered to assist me by gardening for me... Whoops!
  9. grace&piggies

    Mouth Possible Tooth Problem

    Assuming from Kaytee you are in the US? I'm hoping someone else from there can weigh in on good options for you. Where I live I have bought hay for years from feed supply or farm supply places where they typically sell by the bale. It means I get to see all the hay they have and pick out what I...
  10. grace&piggies

    Mouth Possible Tooth Problem

    Hay is critical. Fresh good quality hay should make up majority of his diet and it's important they have access 24/7 to keep healthy and happy. If he's been missing out on this key level of fibre in his diet, that may be why his output has been odd.
  11. grace&piggies

    Hello Piggie fans!

    Guinea pig pregnancy is roughly 63 days. It doesn't always become apparent until the last couple of weeks.
  12. grace&piggies

    Fleece Question about amount to buy

    Oh I am the last to work out how on any diy project. Hopefully my instructions make sense!
  13. grace&piggies

    Hunter - The Rescued Guinea Pig

    It took me a couple of heartbreaking errors to fully realise it, but it is invaluable knowing that when you need it your vet can actually get you through and give accurate advice. Sounds so silly like it should be a guarantee no matter where you go but unfortunately most dog/cat vets view guinea...
  14. grace&piggies

    Hello Piggie fans!

    Hi Sheime! Welcome! Keep in mind that Shieme may be pregnant. Coming from a breeders that is a possibility as guinea pigs can get pregnant right after delivering pups. There are some great resources here and on GuineaLynx that I'd suggest you have a read through of just in case. Getting a...
  15. grace&piggies

    Hunter - The Rescued Guinea Pig

    I like to check in with my vet whenever someone new joins the family. Make sure you locate an exotics vet who specialises in guinea pigs. I certainly have made that error in the past and visited standard vets. The difference in knowledge and care is ridiculous.