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Recent content by gpigsrock

  1. gpigsrock

    Behavior Is urine spraying normal for females?

    I have only owned male guineas in the past, and haven't had too many (possibly any?) problems with urine outisde their cages and the cuddle towels used when being held. But once I had a little herd of females, I started to notice one of them sprayed urine... a lot? This has been on my mind for...
  2. gpigsrock

    Play Licking?

    Guinea will run up to the side of her cage when she hears me coming, just so she can lick my fingers! Sometimes she'll lick my nose too, but I'm not sure if it's always because of salt. Even if I just washed my hands she'll still lick me! I think it's more out of affection than anything else...
  3. gpigsrock

    anime manga fans?

    Personally I haven't watched much anime or read manga lately because of school/guinea pigs, but I like Owari no Seraph (manga especially), Black Butler (mostly the manga), Full Metal Alchemist, Blue Exorcist, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Soul Eater. (I read the entirety of Oyasumi Punpun in one...
  4. gpigsrock

    Injury 6 month old flips around when pet (not popcorning)

    Thanks, I'll do my best! It's a bit of a bummer since I was originally planning on neutering him and introducing him to the herd, but if he has seizures from seeing the ladies that would be an issue. He's not dominant at all and my alpha (Velvet) can be very bossy; he wouldn't fare well having...
  5. gpigsrock

    Injury 6 month old flips around when pet (not popcorning)

    He sometimes does it when he's away from the females, but it's not very often at all, and it's only when he's super excited to see me. I've seen him do this at least three times while being near females, but luckily his cage is far enough away from them that it doesn't happen in his cage. I...
  6. gpigsrock

    Injury 6 month old flips around when pet (not popcorning)

    As an update, he still does the twitchy motions when I hold him, and I'm thinking it may be a seizure. He's still going through life fine and seems pretty happy, but I've noticed that when he gets near my female enclosure (such as walking by their cage while holding him) he'll do a bit of...
  7. gpigsrock

    Guinea pigs & pumpkin spice

    It's so cute when people make it seem like animals talk! :D
  8. gpigsrock

    Injury 6 month old flips around when pet (not popcorning)

    My piggy Cal has unknown leg injuries, which I have gone to a vet for before. My vet said he may have been injured before I got him, but he still gets around fine and he doesn't seem to be in pain, although he tends to hop around his cage when he runs laps. However, lately I noticed that when I...
  9. gpigsrock

    General How Old Is/was Your Guinea Pig..AVERAGE AGE!

    Well, the oldest pig we've had was 6 years old, I think, and he was a male we got from PetSmart back in 2005. He lived in a couple different cages: a small store-bought cage, a store-bought cage that was up to standard in terms of size, and a 2x5 C&C cage with two (maybe three?) other males. For...
  10. gpigsrock

    Fleece Guinea Pig Digs Under Fleece

    Alright, so I have a C&C cage with fleece bedding set up and my pigs are all getting along okay in it. One of them, Roxie, always burrows underneath the fleece! It's not a huge problem, but I usually have to dig her out, and tuck the fleece back over the coroplast's edge. It gets kind of...
  11. gpigsrock

    C&C Not sure what size cage to build

    I should just build the cage and then introduce them? So it wouldn't be good to put them together for a bit, kinda like a little meeting, and then take them back to their cages? I just feel a bit nervous about them all hating each other.
  12. gpigsrock

    C&C Not sure what size cage to build

    I bought 34 cubes today, and I plan on making a C&C cage within two months. I currently have three guinea pigs, Roxie, Velvet, and Ginny. None of them have been completely introduced and bonded yet, but Roxie and Ginny get along the best so far. Velvet tends to bully Ginny and Roxie, so I...
  13. gpigsrock

    Feet Weird Nail Like Thing On Front Feet

    It sort of looks like just a hard little piece of skin. I had a guinea pig a few years back who had a growth like that, and I think it may be a spur. You can read more here, at guinea lynx, but I would take your piggy to the vet, just to be safe. Maybe they might have a suggestion for a...
  14. gpigsrock

    Behavior My guinea pig whines when I am near!

    Okay, so C&C cages don't take very long to build? As soon as I get a part time job, that'll be a top priority investment for me to make, haha. And thanks for the introduction advice! I didn't know it would take that long of a time, and I think the territory wasn't completely neutral, since I put...
  15. gpigsrock

    Behavior My guinea pig whines when I am near!

    Thank you very much for the advice! I think I'll look into taking her to a vet, and I'll definitely give her time to run around more. C&C cages would be ideal, but I don't know how my family would take that, since I've heard it can take a while to build them. Hopefully Velvet will warm up to me...