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Recent content by Geegi63

  1. Geegi63

    Comment by 'Geegi63' in media 'Roxy in her New Cozy!'

    Awwwhh cute (:
  2. Geegi63

    Bedding Fleece sewn to towels...

    I've hardly ever sewn in my lifetime , so I'm not sure about this- could you sew a shower curtain, then 1 or 2 towels, then fleece, or would it be too thick?
  3. Geegi63

    Comment by 'Geegi63' in media 'Help With A Name! (x2)'

    He's got much bigger now, and now I've got a second guinea pig and I named him Scooby :), Barney didn't really suit him, but it is still a cute name :P.
  4. Geegi63

    Comment by 'Geegi63' in media 'Help Me With A Name!'

    Oh I just remembered how long ago this photo was.. he's much bigger now :) I named his Scruffles in the end.
  5. Geegi63

    Comment by 'Geegi63' in media 'Close-up of the hideys and play area'

    I envy your fleece lol it's so nice!
  6. Geegi63

    Comment by 'Geegi63' in media 'Pigtopia completed!'

    Woaaah, yeah I agree with Lisa! Amazing. How many grids was it all together?
  7. Geegi63

    Pellets Different pellets, same cage?

    Hi there, one of my guinea pigs (Scruffles :)) has just turned into an adult pig. I've got his timothy pellets, but the problem is I have another guinea pig (Scooby :)) that isn't over 6 months and, obviously, I need to feed him alfafa pellets. Is there any way they could still be in the same...
  8. Geegi63

    Guinea pig tricks trainer!

    I tried training my piggy and first I have to teach my piggy to follow the treat, and mine just moves his head a lil' and gives up trying to get it :P. But if he does manage to get it, he's so strong and pulls it all! :D
  9. Geegi63

    Blog Scruffles hates the vets!

    Yesterday Scruffles had to go to the 'scary' (in his case) vets! He's got a UTI :(, and they had to give him a painful injection. The vet had to go with another vet in another room because he was struggling so much! He made very loud and scary squeaks, because that must of been terrifying for...
  10. Geegi63

    Blog Scruffles and his cozy!

    A few days ago I made a pink-spotted cuddle cup for Scruffles, my male guinea pig lol. I've caught a photo of him laying in it, but you can't see him that well because he's black! Also, I just made a social group for all the crafty piggy mom's, so if anyone has made anything for their piggies...
  11. Geegi63

    Blog Loving these changes!

    The new changes are awesome! T has done a very good job :optimist:. I keep asking everyone if they like them aswell and it seems very positive! These blogs are a very good idea :). And the social groups, and the profile colours. :)
  12. Scruffles in 'his' cozy!

    Scruffles in 'his' cozy!

    This is a cozy I made for Scruffles, lol he is a boy with a pink cozy, but I don't think he minds that much! There not that hard to make, but although you can tell it's my first one (I didn't have a sewing machine! :P) if you've made one join my social group!
  13. Geegi63

    Difference between floor-time,lap time, free range

    Must be some keen piggies! lol
  14. Geegi63

    Need suggestions please for floortime

    The more often you let yor guinea pig have floor time, the more he'll get used to it, and start running around through tunnels in and out of paper bags eat vegetables on the way! :p
  15. Geegi63

    UK Where To Buy Correx (Corrugated Plastic) In The UK

    Hi, I was just doing some research and found this: Correx - The One Stop Plastics Shop They have a range of colours too, but I don't know if it's an minimum order sheet or something.