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Recent content by FluffyGuineaPig

  1. FluffyGuineaPig

    Introductions Can I introduce a bonded pair of guinea pigs to a solo guinea pig?

    Hi! I have one guinea pig at the moment, she's about a year old, I got her from a local person around here and she was on her own and of course I am planning to get an additional guinea pig or two to go along with her, probably sometime in March, because I know that it's not really good for them...
  2. FluffyGuineaPig

    Behavior Introduced month owned, adult looking guinea pig to new baby guinea pig

    A month or maybe two ago, my family and I adopted a guinea pig. She seemed to be an adult - or close at least. She was jittery, and jumpy when she had met us and still likes to squirm, and had bit my brothers and father on several occasions. She hasn't bit my mother or I before. She popcorns a...