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Recent content by Field-of-Dreams

  1. Field-of-Dreams

    Pregnancy The difference between fat and pregnant?

    Happy to say, looks like NONE were pregnant! No babies nor fatties at this time, and it's been almost twelve weeks!! YAY!
  2. Field-of-Dreams

    Grids Has anyone used this company for grids?

    Yup, Kmart has them for $18 and free shipping! I went that way. Two boxes! The $30 shipping just floored me. Ugh...
  3. Field-of-Dreams

    Grids Has anyone used this company for grids?

    Never mind- shipping is INSANE. $30!!
  4. Field-of-Dreams

    Grids Has anyone used this company for grids?

    http://www.storesupply.com/pc-13501-518-3-w-x-3-h-black-mini-grid-unit-with-back-30201.aspx Looks reasonable....
  5. Field-of-Dreams

    Pregnancy The difference between fat and pregnant?

    I adopted/rescued two piggies from CL. Both are large piggies. Looking down on them, they are pear shaped. The owner did say she had a male, now whether or not he was living with them, I don't know. Both are rather round. I did hold Tumble last night, but didn't feel anything moving. I'll try...
  6. Field-of-Dreams

    Thanks, Humane Society

    VERY cool X-ray! Good luck, keep us posted!
  7. Field-of-Dreams

    Adopting A possible new addition; The irritations of Craigslist

    I've rescued several free/cheap piggies from CL. That's why I'm up to 15 now... *sigh* But the thought of them ending up snake food or worse (and there IS a worse...) just sets me to emailing. And I'm not quite sure the none of the four new girls aren't pregnant.... as both former homes had...
  8. Field-of-Dreams

    Animal Rights I don't agree with euthanizing pets, opinions?

    I lost my horse in 2001 to colic. Got a frantic call at work that he was literally throwing himself to the ground. We made it home in record time, the girl there was holding him and I could SEE he was on his way out. Vet arrived, examined him and thought it was a blockage. We discussed treatment...
  9. Field-of-Dreams

    Joy When friends are enablers.....

    No, we're in TX. It's the farm we live on with our Miniature horses.
  10. Field-of-Dreams

    "put him down"

    I use "euth". Or euthanize. I can't stand "put him down" or "put to sleep". :weepy:
  11. Field-of-Dreams

    What other pets do you have?

    Three dogs and five Miniature horses!
  12. Field-of-Dreams

    Photos Merry Christmas from Santa Piggers

    Squiggy the Elf says Merry Christmas, too!
  13. Field-of-Dreams

    Joy When friends are enablers.....

    My good friend tagged me in a Facebook ad about two young male piggies for sale. With Christmas so close, I just didn't have extra for buying anything right now, and posted "no room at the inn". (One can ALWAYS make room.... :D ) A day later the lady PMs me, saying she'll GIVE me the piggies...
  14. Field-of-Dreams

    Frustrated My pig is pregnant. Not any more!

    Congrats!! And that X-ray is way too cool!!!
  15. Field-of-Dreams

    Sick Edema everywhere- grossly swollen piggie.

    Thanks, ladies. She was sweet. All the other girls seem fine.