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  1. EatPotatoes

    Nevada SPCA waiving fees for guinea pigs on Feb. 2 - FOX5 Las Vegas

    That's cute! I actually adopted my two guinea pigs from that exact shelter! :)
  2. EatPotatoes

    Bonding Any Advice on Taming?

    Hello! I got, about a month ago, 2 male young boars from a rescue. They are 5 months now, both Abyssinian. Anyhoo, their taming is not going very well. I was finally able to pet one of them using a technique I found on Youtube, to follow them very slowly around the cage until they let you pet...
  3. EatPotatoes


    Hello! I'm new to this forum! I own 2 boars, they live together in a 12.5 square foot commercial cage. Their names are Hazelnut and Chestnut. They are four months old, and I adopted them at a rescue! They are the first guinea pigs I have ever owned, and in fact their cages is right next to me...