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Recent content by dxman

  1. dxman

    Vet RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)

    Ok the results are all medical research papers and I'm not an MD. I work in IT and I google things all day, hence why I'm asking in this forum for a layman's explanation. C'mon man. Help a brother out.
  2. dxman

    Vet RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)

    Hi, There is an outbreak of RSV in my community, do you know if guinea pigs are prone to this virus? Thanks.
  3. dxman

    Behavior New Guinea Pig - Skittish / Snapping / Dominance Behavior

    Hi, I recently got a new companion (Snowball) to my existing guinea pig (Weebl) (I had one pass away recently hence another Guinea Pig). It's been a month since I got him from his previous owner. He is very skittish - will not interact with me. Every time I approach his cage, he sprints back...
  4. dxman

    Goodbye Bob

    He was almost 6 years old. I had to put him down due to a tumor and digestive tract failures (common old age related illnesses). He was too ill to be operated and thus I had to let him go. He was the chillest guinea pig, his nickname was "pancake Bob" because that was pretty much how he...
  5. dxman

    Conditions Watery Eyes - History of injury before

    Hi, I was wondering if this watery discharge is normal for a guinea pig? I noticed that his eyes were a bit more watery than what is considered the every day norm. He also likes to sleep on hay, and put his head to the side. So that greatly increases the chance of a hay poke. He has been to...