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Recent content by CuteFluffyThing

  1. CuteFluffyThing

    Any problem nibbling grass?

    Most guineapigs have their own tastes but mine like corn and corn leaves (i wouldn't buy worked on corn in the supermarkt , just make a deal with the local farmer so you can take a piece or two from his fields)
  2. CuteFluffyThing

    good ideas to make a cage

    If you are using fence (more usefull for covering 5 square meters like mine) make sure it is at least 35 centimeters high (normally guineapigs wont do an effort to escape but you have tio be sure). Check every sqaure inch for places where they could escape. You can span nets over the outdoor run...
  3. CuteFluffyThing

    HAWK, drops guinea pig in someone's yard

    Due to my opinions on outdoor runs i know i am disliked by many but my area is not (yet)populated by predators
  4. CuteFluffyThing

    I need help..

    Please stop acting the animal rights activist. Louis is banned , end of story
  5. CuteFluffyThing

    best way to introduce floor time?

    When making rooms piggie secure , never forget the electricity wires. Guineapigs tend to bite them and get shocked to death
  6. CuteFluffyThing

    I think my pig was taken by aliens!!!

    That's very basic photo editing if you ask me. I suggest you go get soem tutorials
  7. CuteFluffyThing


    take it from me , you'd rather have a rabbit thern a chinchilla
  8. CuteFluffyThing

    HAWK, drops guinea pig in someone's yard

    predator in belguim -falcon -others where they live: Wallonie , not Vlaanderen. The baddest bird here is a pidgeon for christs sake
  9. CuteFluffyThing

    Post pics of your cavy!

    These pictures are a year old now , the little ones have left the house to adopters and at the moment we have a gp family of a mother (white black) father ( brown white black) and a child (white brown) . We castrated our male so the one we have now will be our definitive family
  10. CuteFluffyThing

    I need help..

    True , but this is an outdoor enviroment subforum. The only reason why i'm here is to help people with building a safe outdoor enviroment ( Of course , the safety measures depend from country to country. Here in belguim for example , I don'tv have to worry about snakes and eagles but only about...
  11. CuteFluffyThing

    Any idea why he died?

    You know my stance on outdoor cages , i'm porbably the only pro-outdoors in these forums. Very odd that your guineapig died from the grass. When your guineapig moves to a new enviroment , see what kind of things there are they could eat and put one of each in their cage. We did the same and they...
  12. CuteFluffyThing

    Veg*n trying to go vegetarian

    Well , i'd never have the spirit for that. I love a lot of kinds of meat but can enjoy vegetarian meals without being one
  13. CuteFluffyThing

    Discusting Abuse in Classroom

    It's a sad world we lkve in... I hope they listen to you. Then again most of the outsiders see us as a bunch of (uingeapig?)treehugger hippies
  14. CuteFluffyThing

    Discusting Abuse in Classroom

    If you're going to put guineapigs in class rooms you might as well slam a hammer into their heads and save them a slow death. Gp's get stressed easily , and that's why a lot of noise and rubbing is very bad for them. IN a classroom whildren will be prone to touch it constantly and scream into...
  15. CuteFluffyThing

    Australia what shampoo should i use on my guin

    Also a thing i discussed with my vet ( specialised in small and exotic animals) and he siad guineapigs don't need (a lot of) bathing. You should bathe them twice a month , or when you think they're starting to reek. Too much bathing isn't very good for a gp's skin , makes it dry and the fur...