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Recent content by citronsoul

  1. citronsoul

    Belgium Materials

    Ororeke, Congratulations on your new addition! I got my materials from Blokker. Not all stores sell them, although most do use the cubes to display material. The cubes I used for my first C&C cage actually weren't on sale, but were cubes that the store could spare. A few years later I managed...
  2. citronsoul

    Anyone read any good books recently?

    I'm currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl, and thoroughly enjoying it. Howiethegreat - How does her other work compare to this one? Other books that I recently read: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill. I couldn't put this one down, even if it meant having to read it alone, in the dark...
  3. citronsoul


    Lush recently opened up a store here, and I'm now hooked. I use Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo and switch between American Cream and Jungle conditioners. I've seen a noticable improvement in my hair (shinier, easier to manage) since I started using them. gooberific - thanks for the warning! :) I...
  4. citronsoul

    What happens in Vegas...

    Congratulations!!! :)
  5. citronsoul

    Giant baby update!

    What a gorgeous little baby girl! Congratulations!!
  6. citronsoul

    Netherlands Great and cheap pellet in Holland!

    Keep in mind that although they're pellets, they can still contain ingredients that are harmful. I still see a lot of corn (or maize) listed in the ingredient of local pellets. There's a list on GL which you can compare to: Guinea Lynx :: Topic - Cavy Pellet Analysis It's practically...
  7. citronsoul

    Netherlands Great and cheap pellet in Holland!

    Wow! That's cheap! What are the ingredients?
  8. citronsoul

    I might get a puppy!

    Is there any way that you could arrange for your puppy to keep seeing her mom and littermates? If she is your neighbour, I see no reason why this wouldn't be possible. This is a link from the Humane Society, which gives you summary of the important stages in a puppy's development. From 3 to 12...
  9. citronsoul

    I might get a puppy!

    She looks really small & in your first post you said that she was 4 1/2 weeks old. If that is her real age, she needs to be back with her mom & siblings. Depending on the state you live in, it may even be against the law to take this puppy away at such a young age.
  10. citronsoul

    Happy Birthday VoodooJoint!

    Happy Birthday!! :)
  11. citronsoul


    I'm so sorry to hear about Percy. He couldn't have asked for a better life.
  12. citronsoul

    I have to show you these carrots!!

    Those are some pretty impressive carrots! How do they taste?
  13. citronsoul

    Hello form Germany

    Welcome! Wow! What a nice setup! Was it a lot of work to build? You've got some lovely pictures on your website! I love those wooden hidey houses you've got (the type that Frodo is lying in). Are those handmade? That's great that you were able to rescue those guinea pigs! I guess some...
  14. citronsoul

    Hooting !

    I've got a pig who hoots every now and then, when he's gotten a piece of hay dust stuck in his nose. The hooting lasts until he sneezes. I compare it to how a person can sometimes whistle out of their nose. Like previous posters have mentioned, it can be a sign of heart problems. In Porky's...
  15. citronsoul

    Introducting Penny, my new guinea pig

    I hope that things work out between your boys! If it's just chattering and chasing, then things should be fine. Penny's small size is magnified by Phoebe's (aka. Chubalub) large girth. Phoebe weighs about 500 grams more, and Penny is fully grown! She hasn't put any weight on (or lost any)...