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Recent content by Cavies4EverEver

  1. Cavies4EverEver

    Pregnancy Nervous.. Scared.. Pregnant Nala..

    I kept all 4 babies yes :)
  2. Cavies4EverEver

    C&C Two-story cages

    Oh no, that was when I got her, she wasin a small cage during quarentine. I will upload a photo later as I don't haven't uploaded the recent ones from my phone yet! :)
  3. Cavies4EverEver

    Veg*n Gift Basket ideas - Vegetarians/ animal testing free

    My mom's birthday is coming up and it will also be her 2 year aniversary that she has been a vegetarian. She is trying to watch what she eats so I can't really buy her candies and chocolates. I needed some ideas of a gift casket I can put together. She is Anti-animal testing so I was...
  4. Cavies4EverEver

    C&C Two-story cages

    My Ramp is made from 2 grids, I used Zipties to make it a little fexable then I lined it with fleece, My boar seems not to mind it too much he hasnt tried jumping off. Once he has the other boar with him I will expand the Loft so they have an extra kitchen if needed :)
  5. Cavies4EverEver

    General What i have learned about my new Aby girls...

    My roomate's dog loves my guinea pigs. She walks into my room to check on them once in a while. My moms dogs are used to small animals, they are australian shepards (3) and when my mom had 3 squirrels she used to let the dogs play with them. They have also played with Ferrets, Birds, and the...
  6. Cavies4EverEver

    General Pets at Home

    only things I would like to look at before ordering online. I usually go to small family owned pet stores (ones that dont carry animals) I also founda feed store that carries alot of stuff I need andthey dont sell pets either. If I was in urgent need (hay gets soiled, or I run out of pellets...
  7. Cavies4EverEver

    Mites Cinnamon's Medical Thread

    Re: Should I be concerned? Mites, Lice, or ? It could be mites (I am not a vet) mites are microscopic. It wouldn't hurt to treat th her if she is over 6 months I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong)
  8. Cavies4EverEver

    Chat The Question Game

    Crazy long fingernails. Would you rather eat a bacon wrapped steak for three meals or a greek spinach pie? (filo, feta, and spinach?) Honestly I wouldnt be able to choose lol
  9. Cavies4EverEver

    Cage Water bottle help

    Awe man! I will have to keep looking then! I just dont like my Kaytee. I have 2 of them and water leaks sooo bad it makes the towel underneath the fleece all gross and wet! :(
  10. Cavies4EverEver

    Do you dress up your guinea pigs?

    I don't like the thought of stressing my porkies out for no reason LOL!!!
  11. Cavies4EverEver

    Cage Water bottle help

    Huh? Do you have a link?
  12. Cavies4EverEver

    Cage Water bottle help

    Where do you get those? Sorry I am just seeing this. Do you have a link?
  13. Cavies4EverEver

    Do you dress up your guinea pigs?

    I would not waste my money on guinea pig clothes. I just found it strange how popular it is to purchase the clothes. I wasn't sure if it were a common thing.
  14. Cavies4EverEver

    Do you dress up your guinea pigs?

    LOL! How funny! Yes I have a feeling my pigs wouldnt like it, but I always see websites with clothes for guinea pigs.. like it's a big thing or something.. HA!
  15. Cavies4EverEver

    Hay Yellow Timothy Hay.. Is it useless?

    Yes I will be From KMS in the future, I thought I would check this feed store out. if my guinea pigs dont eat this hay then I will order online from now on. I think I get the same ammount for a little more (since I have to pay for shipping) Thank you :)