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Recent content by CandyApple

  1. CandyApple

    Photos Cute little piggy hiney

    OMG! That is just adorable! He's the same colour as my guinea pig buccaneer and all :)
  2. CandyApple

    New Kid(?) on the Block

    Hello and welcome to the forum! It sounds like your at least a bit more prepared than your friend and have done your research, so well done! Truffles is a beautiful name, for an equally beautiful guinea pig :D
  3. CandyApple

    Skin Problems What's that behind his eye??

    I think you should continue using the betadine, as there may not be any results for a few more days. It doesn't look to have improved a whole lot, but we'll wait and see.
  4. CandyApple

    What breed? What breed is this piggy

    Some beautiful guinea pigs in those pictures... Great markings! The one in the first few pictures looks about three quarters or more teddy and a small mix of something else. Shes lovely all the same!
  5. CandyApple

    Urine Confused, Too much calcium?

    Hi, Almost all guinea pigs will get white spots, no matter their diet. In the picture, there appears to be a healthy amount of calcium deposits. I have had far worse, so I don't think there is anything to worry about. If you can, feel the dried calcium spots and check if it is gritty, or...
  6. CandyApple

    UK UHaul in the uk?

    You can't (as far as I know) get Uhaul pads in the UK and Ireland. There are a couple of alternatives though. You can buy a large pack of puppy pads which act the same way as Uhaul pads. You can also put towels under your fleece to absorb the pee.
  7. CandyApple

    C&C Move my kitchen downstairs?

    Its entirely up to you whether you want to move the kitchen downstairs. If you actually see them going up to the kitchen to eat and drink, there's probably nothing to worry about. But if you feel they dislike going up, you could always move the kitchen downstairs and make a bedroom area upstairs.
  8. CandyApple

    Naming your Guineas

    My guinea pigs came with their names: Buccaneer and Ling. I thought the names suited and were cute, so they stuck :)
  9. CandyApple

    Behavior silly pigs!

    One of my guinea pigs likes to 'knead' on my lap. You know the way when a cat comes across something soft like a blanket, it will lift its paws up and down? Thats what my guinea pig buccaneer does!
  10. CandyApple

    Exercise Playtime/Laptime

    I get my two out for about five minutes each in the evening per day. Neither of them mind it terribly... Its just when they are being picked up that the storm starts!!!
  11. CandyApple

    Joy New piggies!

    Yay! New guinea pigs :) Definitely call them peach, daisy and zelda! Coolest trio of names ever.
  12. CandyApple

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) What else will I need for my new pets?

    I recommend getting a dustpan and brush, if you don't already have one. It makes cleaning up the cage so much easier! Also save up some cardboard boxes and cut out two entrances for the piggies to go through :) Instant hit!
  13. CandyApple

    Behavior Escaping pig

    I'd just recommend to do exactly as others have said, and hopefully she won't squeeze through any more! I love your cage and fleece Brandi0509!
  14. CandyApple

    Conditions PLEASE HELP!!Uncertain guinea pig mental issues

    Exactly asnnbrg... The adrenaline stops the pain for a short time, allowing the animal to get away.
  15. CandyApple

    Conditions PLEASE HELP!!Uncertain guinea pig mental issues

    I know what you mean bguardguy... Are they stupid or something *coughmentalhealthproblemscough*