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Recent content by brupoppiggies

  1. brupoppiggies

    Conditions (may be in the wrong area??) Found abandoned pig - now what?

    We have been calling her Filbert. The natural area she was in has a lot of hazel nut (filbert) trees.
  2. brupoppiggies

    Conditions (may be in the wrong area??) Found abandoned pig - now what?

    Someone abandoned a fairly young (tiny nails/feet, small stature & small poos) female in the natural area next to my church. We had been seeing what we thought was a rabbit in the distance for a couple weeks, but she became brave and came out to the church garden Saturday so we were able to...
  3. brupoppiggies

    Behavior Biting baby (juvenile) - background included. Ideas??

    In March our beloved Bru passed away suddenly from a tumor, though we had been watching it since he was a baby (when we first noticed it), it had never grown and was diagnosed as a fatty tissue tumor during a routine visit. Then in march it looked bigger one evening, not too worried because I...
  4. brupoppiggies

    Behavior Guinea pig mourning??

    Hi all, I posted in the other forum about it but Popeye passed away last night. The e-vet said he succumbed to old age (he was at least 7 yrs old) he was acting off, he wasn't skittish which is very not normal for him - the pig ran to hide anytime he heard a noise, he was absolutely his normal...
  5. brupoppiggies

    From 5 to 4....

    24 hrs ago, our dear popeye passed away from old age. We rescued popeye in the spring of 2011 from a person threatening to kill him if someone didn't pick him up that day. We immediately went and brought him home. He was impacted, filthy and his nails were over grown. He had spent the first 5...
  6. brupoppiggies

    Hay Well POOOP! Allergy

    Has anyone suddenly developed an allergy to Hay? This is the second bale from the same farm (compressed timothy/orchard mix) I have NOT had an issue with the hay before, don't even have "hay fever" in the spring. Went out to the shed to bring some hay in off the bale and broke out in hives ALL...
  7. brupoppiggies

    Lump Whats this on Bubbles Tummy?

    all of my boys have that. I was told it's an umbilical stump (like a belly button) and is harmless. Let us know if you find out differently.
  8. brupoppiggies

    Does anyone else worry obsessively over their piggies?

    After reading this I feel less crazy! I am the same way I worry worry worry. I think I have replaced babies (mine are "NOT BABIES" anymore as they keep reminding me) with piggies! But even the bird is beyond spoiled.....
  9. brupoppiggies

    Harness Question

    We were told the same thing, so I bought one when we got our first pig, We were told a harness would be great for exercise. After some research I realized this product is NOT safe for the pigs who are prey animals prone to dart when they startled, increasing the risk of injury. Because of this...
  10. brupoppiggies

    Is there such a thing as a "safe" Out door run?

    Here is where I am: The boys LOVE being outside in the play pen. In fact they get along perfectly out there (go figure.) I love to sit outside on nice days to do my homework and would love to bring them out with me, but I am always scared to bring them out while I am studying because I feel...
  11. brupoppiggies

    Hay Oxbow is Terrible

    Can I suggest seeing if you can find a farm store that is local to you, I know not possible everywhere. I accidentally found one behind the plumbing store about 5 miles from my house you can't even see it from the street. Anyway I was able to buy fresh baled local timothy/orchard mix for less...
  12. brupoppiggies

    General Stopping in to say Hi!

    It's been a while since I stopped in. So I thought I would stop by and ramble about my piggies since "normal" people think I'm crazy :P So the news: Gim and Pip's "owners" never managed to find them a new home and they became part of the family - so we officially have 5 pigs, not just our...
  13. brupoppiggies

    Girl Scout cookies?

    The recipes did change lowering the transfat. My favorites are the lemon coolers (AKA Savannah Smiles) second is thin mints.
  14. brupoppiggies

    Rehoming I am torn about rehoming these two boys!

    Thank you. I will just take my time and hopefully find a good home for them. I may wait a few more weeks to post the ad. Maybe the hubs will warm up to the idea of keeping them.lol
  15. brupoppiggies

    Flags Breeder

    :( you can see the grids on the floor through the bedding too. Those poor babies. I wish facebook had a button to report animal neglect/abuse.