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  1. bpatters

    Diarrhea Squeaking while pooing and diarrhea

    Yes, I'd keep off veggies, but not pellets, until his stools clear up. If he's still on antibiotics, give him a gram of BeneBac 60 to 90 minutes after every antibiotic dose. If he's not, then give him one gram once a day. Poop from a healthy guinea is definitely a good thing for a guinea pig...
  2. bpatters

    Diarrhea Squeaking while pooing and diarrhea

    I'd be afraid to try it. I looked it up, and it's dried with salt. Guinea pigs are so prone to bladder stones anyway that I'd worry about the salt concentrating the urine even more, and thus causing stones. I'd take it back and switch it for just plain kiln-dried shavings.
  3. bpatters

    Hi, I'm Iggy~

    Cute piggies! If you're new to pigs, you need to know that any future husband should be neutered. The breed is susceptible to several genetic diseases that can cause disfigurement, blindness, and/or lifelong pain. Guinea pig pregnancies are very hard on the sow and the pups, and the death...
  4. bpatters

    Behavior How can I help my Guineas to like each other more? (Details in post)

    Just FYI, platforms aren't very good for guinea pigs. They need a large flat surface to run around on. They've got eyes on the sides of their head, like horses, so can't estimate distance very well, and tend to be wary of ramps. Also, having that many levels gives them far fewer opportunities...
  5. bpatters

    Behavior How can I help my Guineas to like each other more? (Details in post)

    One thing you should check is the size of the cage. If you bought one from a pet store, it's a good bet that it's not large enough for two guinea pigs. Two sows will need a minimum of eight square feet, and more is better.
  6. bpatters

    General small, teardrop poops

    You need a good exotic vet, ASAP. And for what it's worth, going forward, five is too young to play with a guinea pig without close adult supervision. Guinea pig backs can be very easily injured, and internal injuries can also occur.
  7. bpatters

    General small, teardrop poops

    No, don't cut out the pellets. Does he drink enough? You might try syringing him a couple of times a day, 5-10 ml. if he'll take it. You can flavor the water with a bit of some fruit juice that he likes, or get some Pedialyte and dilute it.
  8. bpatters

    Introductions New pig mom have questions plz

    Definitely get her a friend, either a female or a neutered male. Guinea pig births are dangerous for both sows and pups, and the death rate is high. But be patient with her, as it will a take a while for her to get used to you. Having her sit on your lap while you feed her yummy stuff is the...
  9. bpatters

    General small, teardrop poops

    Does he eat the bay leaves regularly? If so, I'd cut them out also and see what happens. They do affect the GI tract, and could be contributing to whatever is going on.
  10. bpatters

    General small, teardrop poops

    The cup of veggies is the right amount, so I wouldn't worry about that. Is the poop mushy? Dry? Do you have another guinea pig that's healthy? If so, you could give this one some poop soup.
  11. bpatters

    Skin Problems Advice?

    Any treatment for a fungus has to last way longer than 4 days. Fungus is hard to get rid of, and treatment should continue until hair has started to grow back again -- usually at least a week, sometimes two. I'd get a shampoo that will treat fungus -- Nizoral is good, or any of the shampoos...
  12. bpatters

    Cleaning Cedar Bedding for over a year

    Actually, the biggest danger from them being on cedar is the fact that it causes liver failure. It can also cause respiratory failure, bumblefoot, and other problems. Ditto @Guinea Pig Papa on the vitamin C in the water. All you're doing, after an hour or so, is giving funny tasting water.
  13. bpatters

    Medications Meloxicam dosage too high?

    That's still not the strength. The strength would be written as something like x mg/y milliliters. It's usually .5 mg/1 milliliter, but until we know, we won't know how much of the drug he's getting. There are other strengths.
  14. bpatters

    Medications Meloxicam dosage too high?

    We also need to know the strength of the meloxicam, not just how much of it you're giving. But in general, I always split a pain reliever into two doses. A guinea pig just can't make it 24 hours on a pain reliever. What I'd do is split the dose in half and add 10%. In your case, I'd take .18...
  15. bpatters

    Pellets Pellet Reccomendations?

    SPS pellets do have less max calcium than Oxbow Essentials, but they also use calcium carbonate as a calcium source while Oxbow does not. Oxbow discontinued the use of calcium carbonate a few years ago. I don't know of any other pellets with less calcium in them. The only thing I can suggest...