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Recent content by bpatters

  1. bpatters

    Carriers Best Carrier?

    How do you plan on using it? Just trips to the vet, or for longer trips?
  2. bpatters

    Fighting 2 Male Guinea Pigs 1 year old and 8 months old fighting

    Ditto @4boipigs. If you've got a commercial cage, it's almost certainly too small for two boars. They need at least 11 or 12 square feet, and more is definitely better.
  3. bpatters

    Fighting 2 Male Guinea Pigs 1 year old and 8 months old fighting

    They're in the big middle of puberty, so it may be a while before they'll peacefully live with each other. But for starters, you need a very large cage for two young males. You need something to block the sight lines in the cage so they're not always in view of each other. And a buddy bath...
  4. bpatters

    Pregnancy Duval's pregnant

    You'll have to keep him separated for four weeks after neutering. GP sperm live a long time.
  5. bpatters

    Pregnancy Duval's pregnant

    You're right that he can't get her pregnant while she's already pregnant, but if she delivers early or miscarries, she can get pregnant within minutes. If it happened at night or when you weren't home, you'd have no way of preventing it. You can see what happens with the cages adjacent to each...
  6. bpatters

    Weight Loss Guinea pig losing weight, vet can't find anything

    There's no point in weighing your pig after he's eaten. You're weighing an unknown amount of food and an unknown amount of pig. You'll get the best results by weighing first thing in the morning before feeding breakfast, and keeping track of those weights. Unless he's actually ill, there's no...
  7. bpatters

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    I'd try 100 mg. of vitamin C per day for a week and see if that helps any. The Oxbow tablets only have about 25 mg. of vitamin in them, and that's not enough to help if he's deficient.
  8. bpatters

    Dominance Advice needed, piggies having dominance issues after move

    If one or the other isn't neutered, then the male may be trying to mate the female when she isn't in heat. If at least one isn't fixed, please separate them immediately. Guinea pig pregnancies are very hard on the sow and the pups, and the death rate is high. Additionally, guinea pigs have...
  9. bpatters

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    Without reading back, have you tried giving him additional vitamin C? The collapsing of his back legs sounds like possible scurvy, and pigs don't process vitamins as well when they're older as they did when they were younger.
  10. bpatters

    Loss Three of my Guinea pigs died today

    I'm very sorry you lost them. But guinea pigs are very susceptible to heat stroke. If it's anywhere close to 80 degrees, they should never be left in the sun, and should have ice packs close by that they can get on to cool off.
  11. bpatters

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) I have 2 boars, wanting to get a 3rd Guinea.

    Ditto @4boipigs and @Guinea Pig Papa. More than one boar with any number of females won't work, and three boars is a recipe for disaster.
  12. bpatters

    Injury Cut on nose, what should I do?

    A hidey with only one door is just an invitation for one pig to get its nose slashed, just like yours did. If I had my way, no one would ever sell another one. Either throw that hidey out, or cut another hole in the back of it so no pig can get trapped. Watch the cut carefully, and if you see...
  13. bpatters

    Injury Cut on nose, what should I do?

    Yes, a picture would help. Does she live alone, or with a cage mate?
  14. bpatters

    Sick Chico and Amigo's med thread

    One of my senior pigs, whose knees were totally destroyed by arthritis, lived well for a year on pretty high doses of metacam. I know it has the potential for side effects, but she never showed any of them. You might also try glucosamine. I'm not sure about the dosage, but I do know that...
  15. bpatters

    Behavior Is sudden change in hay preference normal?

    My pigs never liked anything except timothy. I tried orchard and blue, and they just picked around it and ate the timothy.