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  1. blackarrow

    Had A hammie now looking for cavies

    Good for you for doing your research! Hard to recommend a local rescue because you haven't said where you are. The pets section of Craigslist is another place where it's usually easy to find cavies - just look out for breeders in disguise.
  2. blackarrow

    General You guys are going to HATE me... Please read this I need advice with my pig situation

    It may not be up to the OP. No responsible rescue (of dogs or cavies) would adopt to someone who had just pawned off her store-bought animals on someone else so that he or she could get one or more different ones.
  3. blackarrow

    My Baby is MIA!

    I'm sorry to hear it. Do you and your sister live near each other, or is this somewhere far from familiar ground for him? You might try leaving a piece of your clothing or bedding outside at both places - your familiar scent might encourage him to come close. Of course post on Craigslist and...
  4. blackarrow

    Biting Frustrated by the biting !! :(

    I'm guessing she's bitey because she's so young she doesn't have any real experience with being held BEING pleasant yet, especially because you've been having to do things that are unpleasant for now. My boars are MUCH more cuddly now that they're real grownups. You may get your snuggly pig...
  5. blackarrow

    Vet traumatized!!!!!

    Your vet is wrong, plain and simple. Medical knowledge does not mean she's a behavioral expert (or even competent in animal behavior). Moreover, she's obnoxious and unprofessional. I'd find someone else. I've had our boars together for years, and they'd be miserable without each other.
  6. blackarrow

    Blog Petstore vs Adoption

    See, that would be, "I DIDN'T at the time I posted." Different thing.
  7. blackarrow

    Blog Petstore vs Adoption

    So you're just trying to stir up trouble. All righty then.
  8. blackarrow

    Blog Petstore vs Adoption

    You do realize this thread had been dead for something like a year and a half until someone dragged it back up, for no apparent reason?
  9. blackarrow

    Adopting NY- What does adoption usually require?

    You may be looking in the wrong section if you're not seeing pets up for adoption. The one where adoptions should be listed under Pets in the "Community" section.
  10. blackarrow

    Cats and Guinea Pigs

    Scintie, declawing isn't just cutting the claws, though - cat's claws are attached to bone, and the operation done to remove the claws means actually amputating the toe at the first joint.
  11. blackarrow

    Two new babies!

    Very sweet! Love mama's new name. I would go ahead and move them right away. More room = less stress, especially with little ones running around. (Any stress caused by the move has got to pale in comparison with having everything else going on in her life!)
  12. blackarrow

    Showing Thoughts on Showing

    Probably, which is why I don't breed dogs. All of mine are rescues. It has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not I show them. (I don't show them in conformation, but I do in agility, tracking, rally and obedience.)
  13. blackarrow

    EMMA HAD HER BABIES. Photos included.

    Re: Rejected pups. But nothing in what you've said leads me to believe that any of the pups have been "rejected." Since the mother is not chasing them off, I think you would be better off leaving them all in together with mom and giving the smallest two extra "alone time" with her if they're...
  14. blackarrow

    Showing Thoughts on Showing

    Well, you're lumping together a lot of things. I do agility, tracking and rally competitions with my dogs, and they're absolutely thrilled to be out there with the others, doing their thing. They get at least as much attention and enjoyment out of it as I do. Same when I showed my horse -...
  15. blackarrow

    Bathing How many people bath their short haired guinea pigs?

    I've had two American boars for years and neither one has ever needed a bath.