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Recent content by beverly06

  1. beverly06

    Comment by 'beverly06' in media 'cage'

    thank you for the comment
  2. beverly06

    RIP piggy

    Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate it, I know he's in a better place but I miss him so much
  3. beverly06

    RIP piggy

    :weepy: I'm writing this in memory of my piggy he passed away about 2 months ago I really miss him and so does his friend which is actually his son I got them from my sister's co worker I've had the dad for about 2 1/2 years and I have had his son for about 2 years His little son must really...
  4. cage


    this is a picture of the cage
  5. beverly06

    Comment by 'beverly06' in media 'New 2 story mension !'

    that is a very nice cage, what did you make your ramp out of
  6. beverly06

    making ramps

    I am building a second level for my piggies cage but I dont know what to make the ramps out of, I tried bending the grids but they just kept breaking, Is there anything else I could make the ramps out of, I would really appreciate any ideas
  7. beverly06

    Reference This is how to build a second story

    i have a question about making the ramps how do you bend them without breaking them because i tried to bend them and it cracked
  8. beverly06

    question about making a 2 by 3 cage

    I have a question I'm trying to make a 2 by 3 C&C cage with a 12" wall, do you still cut 6" in from each side
  9. beverly06

    Question about bathing

    I don't see any bugs on them and their skin looks fine just to be sure I will give them ivermectin, its better to be safe than sorry
  10. beverly06

    Question about bathing

    thanks everybody for the information it is really helpful:) I ask about the bathing because I noticed my piggies have been scratching a lot lately and I thought they may be in need of a bath I always keep their cage clean I spot check at least 3 times a day because I don't like to see the poop...
  11. beverly06

    Question about bathing

    I have a question about bathing, Can I give my piggies a bath? How do I give them a bath do I use soap or just water? How often can I give them a bath? Is it really necessary to give them a bath? I really would appreciate it if someone can answer my question
  12. beverly06

    Comment by 'beverly06' in media 'Full View'

    I really love the cage your piggies must be happy
  13. beverly06

    Comment by 'beverly06' in media 'my girls' cage'

    Good job on the cage:) I really like the fleece pattern
  14. beverly06

    trying fleece out

    that is a really nice cage, I love the fleece pattern it's cute I use fleece too for my piggies cage
  15. beverly06

    Comment by 'beverly06' in media 'new c&c cage'

    Nice job with the cage, your piggies must be very happy in their home