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Recent content by ASHLEYLEWIS6565


    Blog Rest in peace Abby

    Our youngest guinea pig Abby past away this morning. She was doing so well sense the birth of her pups that didn't survive, but this morning I woke up to the sound of squeaking as her cage mate Snow Ball sat by her and sounded her alarm. I found Abby on her side and as I held her she start...

    Blog I need support for my loss.

    I am watching her often! She seems sad, I called the vet they said the same thing to watch her for the next few weeks. I am still trying to understand why this happen. From everything I have read Guinea pigs don't eat their own.

    Blog I need support for my loss.

    :weepy: Please help me understand!! This is a sad story. My youngest piggy Abby was purchased from a vendor at an all pet swap we visited. When I got her I was told her birth date was February 2011. I never thought she could be pregnant. We just confirmed she was a girl this past weekend and...

    Blog My Introduction

    Hello, I have three piggies Lola is almost 3 years old , Snow Ball is 2 and a half, and the newest addition is Abby she is 3 months old. I kept all three together because they are all girls and seems to get along. Lola is very bossy and pulls the other two around by the butt. I love my...