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Recent content by Amalee

  1. Amalee

    Conditions New Addition: Elderly Harry

    Is it possible to get farther up there and mix with his poop and makes a big clump? Huge Update Harry is eating lots of hay!! He no longer shows signs of impaction and his poops look almost 100% normal. He is eating bell pepper, but not lettuce yet. Big, big improvement in energy levels, new...
  2. Amalee

    Conditions New Addition: Elderly Harry

    I'm not sure how much of it he's eating. Sometimes it comes out in his poop as a clump.
  3. Amalee

    Bonding Floor time/cage cleaning gone bad.

    Is it hardwood or tile floors? I know sometimes my pigs will even try to walk on coroplast and "slip" and freak out that they can't find their footing right away and run across the damn coroplast, making this slip and slide effect even worse and then going into a corner and pouting until I...
  4. Amalee

    Conditions New Addition: Elderly Harry

    I forgot to add that he is eating his paper bedding (white carefresh.) He even eats it after he has a full tummy of critical care. I don't know if that's because he's used to doing that, pain, habit, "teething," etc. Is this something to be worried about? Can it make his impaction worse?
  5. Amalee

    Conditions New Addition: Elderly Harry

    Hey guys! I haven't written in awhile. I rescued a guinea pig 2 weeks ago. He is estimated 6 years old, which my vet confirmed as well. He got a COMPLETE check up. It's a sad, sad case of serious neglect. He's been alone his whole life, and only fed fruit loop pellets and grass from their...
  6. Amalee

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Charlie - Baytril & Some questions

    Oh, sorry about that! I have an unusually large monitor, so it doesn't look like a block of text to me! I'll remember to be more considerate in that regard next time. I have no experience with any antibiotics besides Baytril. What's the main difference between Baytril and Doxycycline? How long...
  7. Amalee

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Charlie - Baytril & Some questions

    I got Charlie almost 2 months ago. I do not know his age but my vet and I estimate 1.5 years old based on his nails. When I got him, I already knew he had a URI and took him to my vet immediately. He got a full checkup, along with multiple X-Rays to rule out any other problems. He was on...
  8. Amalee

    Sneezing Possible URI?

    An exotic vet would most likely be able to see any sign of issues in the lungs/trachea by taking X-Rays. Having X-Rays done is the best possible choice, as it can also detect problems in the stomach and bladder - common undetected problem areas. Getting X-Rays done is also a good choice because...
  9. Amalee

    Bonding Tips on picking up guinea pigs!

    I also corner them. The best thing to do is to get in the habit of picking them up within 5 seconds or less. Reach in, scare into a corner, and grab them with confidence - that will make them feel more confident and eventually instead of being scared into a corner, they will know what's...
  10. Amalee

    Loss Three guinea pigs dead in 24 hours, help to save the other three!

    This comment is so incredibly snooty that my head almost snapped from trying to keep my eyes in their sockets. @JordanT92 You've made a great choice joining this forum, it shows good initiative in caring for them. Goodluck with your current piggies and I'm sorry for your loss.
  11. Amalee

    Litter Training Pig Defecating EVERYWHERE!

    It sounds like you're doing everything right. Healthier, happier pigs eat (and thus poop) a lot more. 1/8th cup of pellets is the minimum for adult piggies. I might be wrong, but I think they're actually supposed to have unlimited pellets until 4 or 6 months old, and then down to 1/8th cup. I...
  12. Amalee

    Sounds Happy or Annoyed?

    It looks like he made that sound when you touched his foot slightly? Might not like his feet touched or it surprised him. Either way I've always considered that sound as annoyed. It could also be that he's territorial over the food? Does that happen? I think it could happen.
  13. Amalee

    Vet [Anthony] Yellow/off-white lump on tear ducts.

    I've read through that a few times and I don't see anything similar to it. I can't find anything on google either.
  14. Amalee

    Sick Pig has stringy, mucousy poop after bladder stone surgery

    I am so sorry. :( He couldn't have had a better owner. You did great taking care of him!
  15. Amalee

    Feet Sore back feet on piggie

    Just some redness and coming from a poor condition could definitely mean urine scald. Even if you keep your cage really clean, a lot of pigs just like to sit in the same spot, so move his most used hidey around to make sure he's not constantly in the same spot when sleeping.