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Yeah!  The coroplast is in!!!

Yeah! The coroplast is in!!! - Guinea Pig Cages

So sweet, the coroplast FITS!!!!! :D
it looks like a crib a baby would sleep in! it is going to be a bit small for even one guinea pig though!
You got the clear coro....I made my cage with green....went back 2 months later to get another sheet, and then noticed they had clear. Almost re-did the whole cage. I would love to see how it looks with the pig's in there!

Nice job making the coro fit!
I love this cage.. :D Something about it looks fitting..

Is that a loft bed? If so, I used to have the exact same one. (Still do actually, just in the garage) My hamsters used to sit on the desk too (it looks like you have an aquarium there)

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