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Wire Self 2x4

Wire Self 2x4 - Guinea Pig Cages

Made of wire shelving material. Carpet on floor. Wire / woodframe lid.
I think it is a nice cage. The shelving works great in my opinion. I used it for my first cage. I am re-doing my cage now, and am going to use cubes. Just because they are lighter and cheaper. You can do a 2x6 of cubes for $14. Shelving is $8-12 a side. Good job though!
How is it messy?
Theres barely anything in it.
I think you should just add a hidey house of some sort.
I think that the setup is clear enough.

Because it can be difficult to tell at what stage you took the picture. ( I don't jump to conclusions) Is the box with the hay the only hidding area for the pig? Or do you have other things on the end of the cage we can not see.

Also how dirty does the carpet get? Are you able to take it out to wash it? Just wondering. I do know there are quite a few people who use carpeting at some point in their setups.

Good Job !!
OH that's carpeting?! I thought it was bedding...Does your piggy play with the tennis ball??
Is the carpet hard to clean? I like the simplicty of the set up and your piggy is adorable.

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