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Uses for left over coroplast
Disney Pigs

Uses for left over coroplast - Guinea Pig Cages

This is just another cage I built for my hamsters. To cut the plexiglass material leave the protective plastic on it while cutting. This will prevent it from cracking or splintering. It may still happen, but not as bad. I just use packing tape to tape it all together. When cutting your window,
I like the cage, but is that a snack shack log? It has alot of honey in it and is bad for hamsters, espaiclly for dwarfs.
I've only had one chew through the coroplast. Thanks for the info about the log. I will take them out.
where did you buy the plexiglass? did you just cut it with the same razor you cut the plexiglass with?

please PM me

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