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Upper level in action!

Upper level in action! - Guinea Pig Cages

This is Molly and Marleys upper level in action. As you can see it has just been ziptied to the lower level, had a ramp connected and is ready to go.

I did decide to swap from shavings to vetbed on the upper level as loads was dropping down and messing up the entire cage. They seem to actually pref
Thanks for the advice, they don't eat it though. They had one nibble and they hated it so they neve touched it again!
o that is just what I was going to ask you the hut thing so they like it or is it a waste of money?
My freinds guinea pig ate it up but than she ended up dieing. So I wouldn't get it. I'm not sure if the hut was the cause or not. They say its edible but so did the people that poisened our dog food and stuff.
My friend got one of those huts months ago, ate the roof, most of the side and right now he s alright ,... i think, But i wouldnt get one becuase after they eat the roof they have no hiding space or shelter

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