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Updated whole cage

Updated whole cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I know it looks complicated/confusing. Look at some of the other pics, and you can get a better idea of it. A view from the font doesn't allow you to see much.
WOWOWOW! Its amazing how you did this all homemade! I LOEV your cage is is TOO creative!!! I LOVE IT!!! Keep up the good work, your cage just gets better every time you redo it!
Thanks! I wish I could have gotten a better picture though...With this pic you can't really tell the depth of it. Oh well...
Omg too many children posting pictures of unstable cages. You should really let your parents help it can be so dangerous for guinea pigs.

Guonea pigs NEED big floor level space this would be better suited for a hamster because it has so many levels. If you are struggling check out the how to build a c&c cage page
@Flowering, There's no point responding to very old posts, very unnecessary. Yes I was much younger when I had this cage, but it was safe and stable. Every cage since this very first expansion has been of proper size with an open floor plan. I was just experimenting at this point and went a little crazy with the levels. No need to be rude with your comments but I understand you are acting out of concern for the pigs.

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