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updated photo with carpeting

updated photo with carpeting - Guinea Pig Cages

yes the rabbits are able to get from the bottom level to the second level. There are now two, the cage stays open most of the day (they chase the cat around, heh) but when I'm not home and at night it stays closed. The male is neutered, the female will be spayed soon (she was a rescue, and oddly i
I love your cage, it is huge! Your rabbit is so pretty, I have never seen a rabbit that looks like a calico cat before.
Your cat is so cute.
May I suggest one thing? You may want to make the top two grids high so that the buns can stand up. Otherwise, good cage.
Holy cow! I thought it was a cat. It has the most beautiful colors for a rabbit.
I`ve made the same mistake as you many times , so let me try to make up for it by informing others... Bunnys are for hopping on flat or slowly slopping land , not for the next giant jump straight aboce there head :`(
I agree thats its a LITTLE to short but some people are exaderating the facts! This cage is 1,000 times better than ANY cage yo can buy at a pet store. the cage is fine before I discovered this site my rabbits lived in a 14" tall cage but now there free-range!

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