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two cages with loft-one on top of other

two cages with loft-one on top of other - Guinea Pig Cages

So this is just waiting for another piece of coroplast and some cardboard for the top loft. I decided to make another cage in white for my girls that is exactly like the boys' blue cage. I put it on top of the boys' cage to save space. I am so excited to get the coroplast and have my girls test i
I like it ! It's awsome ! I'm going to build a 2 by 5 and im thinking of either an L-shaped loft or a U-shaped one like yours. Is it hard to catch your piggies when they're in the loft ?
Yes, it can be a challenge to get them if they are in the loft. I just try to lure them out with food if I need them, or wait until they are downstairs (moving the food downstairs and the "cozies" upstairs makes it a little easier to get them to use both levels)

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