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Tuscan Theme Cage Decor to Match our Bedroom Decor

Tuscan Theme Cage Decor to Match our Bedroom Decor - Guinea Pig Cages

We had so much fun making this cage. It's not only extremely functional, but adds to the decor of our bedroom. This is the second cage that we decorated. The first was the French Country Theme. The cage is so easy to clean.
Lovely cage. Do the pigs ever chew on the green ribbony stuff that is around the cage?
When we did our first cage we used the same type of material to decorate the upper edges of the cage. It's actually a sheer curtain panel. - Our boys at first would give it a pull just to kind of *check it out* but then never touched it again. --- However.--- I used a wallpaper border on the outside of the cage's coroplast bumper, and *that* is a texture that our Fizbit LOVES to pick at. I finally did remove the border and left the coroplast exposed. It simply was too much of a temptation for him -- The items that sit on top of the cage are all secured with fishing line to prevent them from falling into the cage. --

Coroplast is the best thing every. It only takes us a few minute to clean the cage each night.

Bless the person who thought of using coroplast for cage bottoms. <grin>
This is absolutely beautiful... we've been trying to think of a way to make our 2x5 look medieval, as it's in our living room & very much a focal-point. LOVE the fabric through the top :) Thanks for sharing your lovely idea!
That is so pretty! You should go into buiness! Go to people's houses and redecorate their cages! You could have your own TV show!

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