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Turbo & Scooter's new cage!

Turbo & Scooter's new cage! - Guinea Pig Cages

There will be a water bottle added to the bottom level as well as a hay rack. The tunnels connect the outside of the cage to reserve space inside for running and playing. They do most of their "business" in the litter pan, so only the occasional poo is found outside the cage. Below the new table
Yes they do. :) I was wondering if they would be too steep, but they have NO problem what-so-ever.
Awsome cage! Can you tell me where you got the tubes? and do they come in different lengths or can you add to them? I want to add a 3rd level for my boys (a 2x6 level) and I was thinking that would be an awsome way to connect the 2nd and 3rd levels to the first.
this is beautiful and so clean! :) i just started my piggy potty training today :) so far they're not making too much of a mess... lol... you're lucky too...i have to put grids up 2 high on my door...i have an escape piggy!! she's hopped over 1 grid to get out and run!! crazy pig
I actually got this set on ebay. I have found them online elsewhere for about $28 + s/h for the whole set. It's cheaper than buying them individually.
So far, we haven't had a pig try to escape. Those front ones are a little low for my comfort, but my husband is the one that made the cage.
The tunnels are proving to be a pain. The baby (Scooter) loves to spend A LOT of time in them and therefore does his "business" in there. I have to clean them out daily.

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