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Tri-level Hayloft Hideaway Added

Tri-level Hayloft Hideaway Added - Guinea Pig Cages

The youngsters like to hang out in the new tri-level hayloft. With five cavies everyone seems to find a cozy place to sleep.
Holy Moly! That is some custom cage! Very cool looking. How long did that take to make? How much money? My only concern would be the exposed wood sides. Is the interior lined with Coroplast or something waterproof? Is there a polyurethane type coating on the exposed wood? You don't have straight wood on the bottom, right? Would love more detailed photos.
Wow, thanks! I did it all bit by bit over the past couple months. Probably cost $75 or so. All floors coroplast, all wood natural. All parts remove easily. I do plan to coroplast the exposed sides in their potty areas. I'll post some photos. And thanks again.
Whoa!!!! I can't believe the intricacy of this cage, and how you designed everything so you can get good access to it. That is so awesome... all the levels, all the ramps, all the hiding spots and doors. Your cage makes my head spin it's so cool! =)
I started cracking up has i saw this cage, you see my sisters an artist and she outfitted are alway like that painting with the stairs and doors upside down and backwardsthis reminds me of that! great cage.
Thanks to you all. It's a bittersweet week at our piggy palace. We've found new homes for our 3 unexpected babies. Good homes, good social situations for them. New owners learning lot's from this website and guinealynx before I allow them to take the youngsters. But we all got attached to the little ones and will be sorry to see them go. So this will be quite a palace for the original two cavies!
I would rate this more than a measely 10 if I could. What a labor of love!! Wish I had the ability to do something like this for my babies, but disabled so I can't. My hat's off to you!!!!

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