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Tri-level 2x2 cat cage

Tri-level 2x2 cat cage - Guinea Pig Cages

We used this when we were fostering 4 ferrel kittens, worked well at keeping them confined yet letting them acclimate to being around us.
Why would you keep kittens in a cage...? I've cared for 2 kittens who had been living in the wild, and we had them running around in our apartment, which went just fine.
i think that the cage is an excellent idea. it gives them a "safe place" to go if they get stressed out. I have one cat thats over 2 thats only become more secure after having that. He's gone from being afraid of his own shadow to being an affectionate cuddly cat. This is ONLY because he had his safe secure place to go and hide and wasn't stressed out .
its one awsome cat cage for four feral kittens. I've taken care of a 3 week old feral kitten before, extremely hard to do, very small, four in that cage would be nice, gives them plenty of space to run around and chase eachother.
That's so cool that you made a grid cage for kittens! I think it's a great idea, later on if I get a kitten I would like to build a C and C cage for it, and maybe even make it sturdy enough that it could hold it later on when it's an adult and heavier as well as make it high enough for it to stand comfortably. Look, now you got me going on an idea road...

My uncle rescues cats from where he works where they are fending for themselves, living off of a dumpster and such. He spays/neuters them, feeds them and cares for them and then gives them away. I should suggest grid cages to him, since mostly he's using wooden hutches he has built himself, which are fine, but a C and C cage would be easier to build, and clean.
I don't agree with 'having them inside is more humane than letting them outside'

My cat lived till 18 and was never hit by a car or anything. She died of natural causes (she had to live inside for the last 2 years as she turned blind).
My grandma's cat lived to be 22. She never had a day inside that wasn't classified as a hurricane or a tornado warning. She hated it inside, would hide in the corner and looked like she was about to be to the end of death row.
I think it's pretty cool!

My cat was a very small feral kitten, He liked to hide under the fridge/in the bathroom. He is a 100 percent indoor cat now. And spends about 15-45 mins outside on a leash daily.

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