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Tri-level 2x2 cat cage

Tri-level 2x2 cat cage - Guinea Pig Cages

We used this when we were fostering 4 ferrel kittens, worked well at keeping them confined yet letting them acclimate to being around us.
We weren't sure exactly where the cat was from. It was running toward a house that has lots of cats. That house has so many cats that the owners smell of urine when they are in public. We didn't want to subject ourselves to that stress. My friend said she will take it to the local vet and ask them if those owners take the cats there. I guess they will try to contact them. We just didn't want to leave the cat in the street to run over more so we wrapped it in a blanket that I keep in my van and took it back to my friend's house. She then wrapped it in a towel and put it in her freezer until she can take it in.

I live about 30 minutes away from there so I wasn't sure of the area and was going below the 35 mph speed limit. Luckily, it appears the cat didn't suffer and was killed on impact. It didn't move while we turned around to go get it.

This was a horrible experience for us both. We are both animal lovers and it just kills me that people are so irresponsible to let their pets run the streets.
These people have a ton of cats and wreak of urine? This sounds like a hoarder, please call your local animal control and report it.
It does, I saw this show on the animal planet the other day, there was this lady who had TONS of cats living with her. She loved them, but she wasn't physicaly able to care for them all. Alot of them were grown kittens of her first cats. Anyway she didn't want to bring them to a shelter for fear they would kill them. She didn't have the money to bring them all to the vet (most all of them were sick in some way) but if one appeared very sick at a time and it was possible to get it in she would. It was like way too much work for her... Anyway some neighbors were complaining of the smell and the people from the show came in to help. She was so happy to see someone came to help her, that they would take the cats out of her hand, treated them for whatever they needed and found them new homes. They even let her keep one or two and tought her what she should be feeding them, because she lived alone and really did love them. Later they found that most of her cats had skin conditions, were underfed (costly), and a couple were blind. They found wonderful homes, it was such a happy story.

I guess what I'm thinking is, that maybe they don't want all those cats, but still don't want to take them into a shelter. I know if I somehow wound up with that many cats, I wouldn't want to care for them all, but I couldn't give them up to a shelter either.
Was that the episode with the lady trying to turn her cats vegitarian? She had an old begal that they let her keep too.It was so sad. But the ending was good. All her cats were freindly enough to be put up for adoption.
ya I think that was the one, I think it was my first time watching the show

Rember those starved dogs in the trash bin? so sad...
If animals are turned into a shelter at least they will have a chance at some vet care and possibly being adopted. I doubt people with 40 or more cats can afford to take them to the vet or even bother neuter/spay each of them.
What is your point cacosta? She didn't turn them in to a shelter because she loved them and was afraid they could be put down. The people tought her proper cat care, downsized the amout of cats she had, and assured her they would be adopted out. She was very grateful about it all, which showed how much she did care. She honestly didn't know that she shouldn't be feeding them what she did, and now she does.

That is an awesome show btw
My point is that people should really be given mental help in those situations. Even if they reduce the numbers she will more than likely get more cats and be in the same situation in a year. Then Animal control will have to come in and do it all over again.

I understand that people love their pets but there is a limit as to what some people can do and handle. People like that are called "Collector" or "Hoarders". They are not doing good when it comes to the animals, they are actually harming them and creating an over-population.

The animals are better off being PTS quickly than suffering after being hit by a car or suffering with illness.
My uncle Paul personally knew a woman who lived in a 2 bedroom apartment... She came to Schnucks at least 3 times a week. She got like 30 bags of 50 lb cat and dog food each time.. She would cut out coupon type things and send them in to get cash to pay for the food. My uncle one day asked her what she did with all that food she came and got. She quietly said to him that she had like 200-300 cats and dogs in 2 bedroom apartment and not to tell anyone. They were all in carriers and such as that when the Animal Control came and seized them. She really loved them but didn't know what she was doing. I glad they were taken away from her, no matter how much she loved them(I hate to say that..). Their lives were horrible trapped up all day, but now they are getting adopted from people and in much bigger 'homes'. Just another example of irresponsible people thinking they are doing good. I'm not saying this person was horrible, but she really should have stopped to think what she was doing while she kept adding these animals to her life.
About hoarding... I know someone who doesn't spay or neuter their cats... won't. Their cats live outside, and the females are ALWAYS pregnant. They won't do anything about it. Two just got adopted from my uncle, thank God. They live in a nice home, not outside anymore. Is this hoarding? I know it's a stupid question, but I don't really know what it actually means.. I sorta do, but yeah...
The lady on the show had something wrong with her mentaly. The ASPCA helped her a lot. She just got overwhelmed. She wasent a horder, she just needed some help.

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