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Tri-level 2x2 cat cage

Tri-level 2x2 cat cage - Guinea Pig Cages

We used this when we were fostering 4 ferrel kittens, worked well at keeping them confined yet letting them acclimate to being around us.
I was only saying that I don't take anything to heart. What you do is your concern. I don't take much to heart because I don't know you all personally, just some words on a screen.

And my grandparents are spending that much on bills because of strays which is what your cats could be considered by some people that don't know they have an owner. Why would you have cats outside roaming the country if they have only had their shots and not spayed or neutered? That's just irresponsibly adding to the over population of animals
I wasn't extremely angry when the cat used my kid's sand box for a litter box. I just empited it, cleaned it and bought new sand. No biggy. I don't get upset about things. I'm very easy going, unlike some uptight people.

You need to relax and not let things get to you. Life would be so much better if you did.
my grammas cat used to be an outdoor cat very happy loved to be petted when he was inside, but as she got older she had to move into an apartment, now the cat is very over weight probably obese like 35 pounds, he;s miserable and lonely. I think it doesnt matter where the cat lives as long as there isn;t a suddon change of where they live and as long as you love it.
I think the cage is cool too!
I agree with dagwellismypigy, but I also think should a cat need to have an indoor/outdoor or outdoor situation you would need to make sure you have a fenced yard or live far away from neighbors... Loads of cats are mistreated by neigbors, just read tashas post in one of the forums titled "cat"
I just rembered that my cats, and alot of other cats wouldn't have any problem getting over a fence. They arn't quite like dogs where you can have a fenced yard and it will be alright. I think that indoor cats are ok, just that if you live near neighbors or a road you should probably keep you cat(s) indoors for their own safty.

However I still strongly believe that cat's are best off in a country yard where they can run, climb trees, and chase moths all day.
My yard is fenced, but the cats can climb over it. Neighbors can do horrible things to your animals if you arent careful.
I had the unfortunate experience of hitting a cat with my mini-van today. I felt horrible about the whole thing. I guess the owners have lots of cats and let them run free all the time. We picked the cat up from the street and it will be taken to be cremated on Monday. Hopefully people will learn to keep their cats in when they live close to the road. Never assume the cats won't cross the street or that cars will stop in time.

I'm glad the cat didn't suffer and died quickly. I'm even more thankful that there wasn't a car behind me when I slammed on the brakes too late.
Oh gosh, that must have been terrifying(Well, it would have been to me!). What did the owners say?

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