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Tri-level 2x2 cat cage

Tri-level 2x2 cat cage - Guinea Pig Cages

We used this when we were fostering 4 ferrel kittens, worked well at keeping them confined yet letting them acclimate to being around us.
WOW, cacosta. You are rude. That was not called for, and I doubt that Tina, or anybody else for that matter liked that you called Tina stupid. No matter what you say, you did call her stupid by saying that you had to read the comments made by more intelligent people. I think you need to apologize or something. This "arguement"(I guess you could call it) was none of your concern and was all sorted out.
Nice cage Erin- wow, small cats! All could fit in that tent, wow!
I did not call Tina stupid. I just said that the comments were really long and not really pertaining to the picture that was displayed. I will not apologize for having an opinion. She didn't apologize for her's. I wouldn't say this was an argument. You have to actually care what the other person thinks in order to have an argument and since I didn't waste my time reading her long winded post then I obviously don't care what she thinks.
Gosh Cacosta you don't have to bash Tina just for explaining her situation (and you didn't even read her very well described explanation) and why she keeps her cats outside.
And she is intellegent so why don't you zip it. That was a rude comment.

Erin I like the cage, since it was for baby kitties it seems fine to me. Although I was depressed that it was only a 2x2 when every one makes a big fuss about guinea pigs needing a 2x4, if it was me I would have made it a 2x3 or 2x4. I like the multi level idea.
I personally didn't appreciate my neighbors cat using my kid's sandbox as a litter box. I had to empty the extremely smelly sand, bleach the box and buy new sand. People shouldn't assume it's ok with the neighborhood to have someone else's cats running around. And I also live in the country but would never expect my neighbors to be ok with my pets roaming around.

I know that it can be hard to keep a cat in but if it's in a stimulating and loving environment I don't see a problem with cats being inside. My childhood cat would rip me to shreads if I even carried him towards the door. He lived a very healthy life for 21 years and was always happy. He hunted prey (my feet when he was hiding under the bed), was always warm when it was cold outside, and lived with the knowledge that he would always be wanted.

I can't for the life of me see where an outside cat would have these advantages.
I know it sounds gross, but my cats are always so proud and happy when they bring something home from hunting almost like "hey look tina, I got it all by myself this time!" We leave cat food out every day so they always have something to eat, but honestly they would rather go find their own food.... See another substitute, hunted animals substituted for cat food in a bowl. And which one do they like best?
Whatever! You are obviously clueless and don't care about other people's belongings or feelings. Why should I have to put up a fence that a cat will still get under to protect my children and their toys? Do you even read what you are writing?

I'm so glad to hear that you were able to train you cats to look both ways before crossing the street because the ones around here evidently didn't figure that out. If there is a rabbit on the other side of the street I'm sure your cats will go chasing after it. Hopefully they have used all their instincts for cars (an unnatural predator).
And how happy is that cat when it's mauled by a car - or since you live in the country - a raccoon or other animal that will harm your cat if it gets in the way?

The folks across the street from us have had to scrape three of their cats off the side of the road to bury them. One was just 12 weeks old.
Cacosta: Sorry about going off on you earlier, that was stupid and I was being immature. I guess I didn't see your side of things, just Tina's.
I can't say wether I agree with one of you, or both of you. I don't have cats, but I do think that cats should be able to go indoors and outdoors. I think cats would be happy both ways, since they wouldn't be missing out on anything happening outdoors, or the love of the family indoors.
Erin: That is so sad. How many cats do/did they have? Why don't they just bring the cats inside, if the cats keep dying?
Sorry if I offended anyone in this post. My 2 cents!
Actually my grandparents have a wonderful cat that they let indoors and outdoors. He's always full of scapes and war wounds because he's very territorial and won't allow another cat in his yard. My grandparents have spent hundreds of dollars in vet bills for this guy. They even had him neutered to keep down the cat population and hoping to keep him from pushing up the windows and poping out the screens so that he could jump out the second story windows.

And thanks Ruby, I'm glad you were able to see my side of the situation. I wasn't offended and don't take these things to heart because after all, we are on the internet.

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