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Tri-level 2x2 cat cage

Tri-level 2x2 cat cage - Guinea Pig Cages

We used this when we were fostering 4 ferrel kittens, worked well at keeping them confined yet letting them acclimate to being around us.
If kittens are born to feral mothers they CAN be wild and they need lots of human contact to tame them. If you don't keep them confined until they are more used to people they will hide all day or run away. And what do you mean "doomed to be house cats?" Keeping your cats indoors is more humane then letting them run loose. Outdoor or semi-outdoor cats live less than half as long as indoor cats. Outdoor cats usually last only 2-5 years compared with 15-20 years for indoor cats. Outdoor cats fall victim to attacks from animals and humans, cars, diseases, and plenty of other things. Indoor cats can be perfectly happy if provided with a stimulating environment.

cars are the number one killers of cats. Are your cats vaccinated? There are tons of diseases cats can get including rabies, feline leukemia and aids. Are your cats fixed? There is a huge overpopulation problem and millions of cats are euthanized each year and they can multiply like crazy. Humans can be suprisingly cruel and might put out poison just for your cats. Many people do not like cats and may try to physically harm them whenever they get the chance. Cats can be harmful to the environment and have decimated populations of small animals in certain areas.
I agree with bunnyluv
adding on to that:
Many house cats are not bored at all in the home, I know of a couple families who have even built a "playground" for their house kitties.
Plus, letting your cat wander the streets (like some people do in my neighbourhood) lets your cat do it's business on a neighbours yard, which is not at all appreciated by the neighbour (i speak from personal experience here)
here here, finding feces smushed under the nespaper in the morning isnt a pleasant sight or smell at all.
They were 10 weeks old, they were small, they all fit in that cat tent. Alternative, a smaller cage at a stressful shelter where they would have never gotten socialized.

Regardless, two were adopted. Two are still with us, one is still wild. They are both allowed to run the house now, we just hardly see the one.
From the looks of it TinaFaulous has nothing better to do than run away at the mouth. Could you limit your comments to what is actually being displayed on the picture. Please just make a short comment and then move on.

You go on and on and I have to scroll past all of your jibberish to read the posts made by more intelligent people.
Oh yeah, that's a great cage for some kitties that needed some extra special attention. Good job!!

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